ShowCAIS 2017 Sponsors

Board of Trustees
Ernest Chow and Gwen Hinze
Roger Evans and Aey Phanachet
Paul and Helene Kocher
Peter and Michelle Wilson 


Charles Bergh and Juliet Liu Yi Bergh 
Mark and Amanda Fiteny
Jonathan Howe and Alison Huang 
Mary Powell and Adam Messinger


The Burns and Lockwood-Miller Families
Jon and Velma Mayeda
Molfino Family 
Benjamin and Stacey Ng
Jane Su and Richard Chow
Robbie and Linda Vann-Adibé
Nathan and Vera Waller
Barry Wilson ‘25


LeeAnn and Jeff Bissell
Susan Cheng and Alex Woo
Edmonds + Lee Architects
Jennifer and Stephen Flowers
Darren and Valerie Lee
José Medeiros and Andrea Sweet


First Republic Bank
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li
Baron Lee and Elizabeth Loh 
Patricia and Ronald Martell
Brad and Michelle Stauffer
Matthew Werdegar and Monique Schaulis


LeeAnn and Jeff Bissell
Kevin Brandstetter and Katherine Yung
Ling and Jenny Chang
Esalen ‘22 and Aleia ‘26 Choi (2)
Will Clemens
Suji De Silva and Dan Chen
Robert Fong and Shirley Tse
Ying Fung and Kenneth Lee (2)
Spencer ‘19 and Mackenzie ‘20 Gibson
Edward Han and Ariana Chung-Han
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li
Molfino Family (2)
Stella Parker ‘20 and Olivia Gardner ‘22
Darren Schulte and Stefani Wedl (2)
Sean Thomas and Sara Pasquinelli
Robbie and Linda Vann-Adib
Chris and Michelle Verplaetse