Winter Program

Winter Program 2016

Winter Program 2016 told stories of peace through song and danceCollecting uplifting narratives from around the globe and across cultures, Lower School Music and Movement Teacher Amanda Hahn worked throughout the fall semester with students in third, fourth, and fifth grade to create the inspiring, heartfelt Winter Program. Students incorporated a variety of musical styles and choreographed dance to bring to life the African tale “Subira, Subira,” Yiddish folktale “It Could Always Be Worse,” and The Message of the Birds, a children’s book by Kate Westerlund. 

In addition to musical support from Middle Schoolers in the Black Pearl and Jade Music Ensembles, a veritable army of parent volunteers helped with costumes and logistical details. While the Herbst Theater had space enough only for performers and their families that evening, CAIS parents kindly recorded the performance and Gary Halpin produced a video of the event for the whole community to enjoy at any time.

Winter Program 2015


4th grade green students weave 3D changing webs in the story of AnansiWorking on the annual Winter Program with students in 3rd through 5th grade and the middle school music ensembles, Ms. Kennedy pulled back the curtain to give weekly sneak peeks at the creative process that fuels the distinctive CAIS tradition. This year’s piece will focus on two tales of tricksters, Anansi and an old Russian folktale about the devil and a soldier. The work finds fascinating intersections and insights from these folktales which originated thousands of miles apart.

As exciting as the performances always are, Ms. Kennedy notes that her work with students “creating and preparing the pieces is even more interesting.” Winter Program truly is, as she puts it, “more than meets the eye.” The children’s work and thought processes in developing their pieces is where the learning comes into play, underscoring the mutual support and transfer of concepts and processes between performing arts and design thinking. 


Winter Program 2014

Winter Program 2014 The Rocky Road to Rio

CAIS students took audiences on a spectacular journey into Olympics past, present, and future in Winter Program 2014. Music and Movement teacher Susan Kennedy directed students in an original work they created to celebrate student music, dance, and theatricality.