Eighth Grade Experiential Learning Adventure in China

What: Since 2012, CAIS eighth graders have traveled to rural regions of western China for an experiential learning program. This is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in communities to which few foreign visitors (let alone eighth graders!) ever travel. The program is multi-faceted, and includes service-learning and outdoor education components, as well as a focus on forums for using language skills to interact with local community members.

Why: To deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of life in rural areas of China, of the ethnically diverse people of these regions, and of the social, political, cultural, and natural environments in which they live.

When: 2 weeks in April (tentative)

Where: The Eighth Grade Adventure has previously traveled to Qinghai/ Gansu and to northern Yunnan. Trip locations are remote, and pose physical, environmental, cultural and linguistic challenges that provide students with a beyond-urban-China perspective on daily life. This year we are considering a range of location options to create the most meaningful experience for our students.

Who: Eighth-grade students with a sense of adventure, a curiosity about the unknown, and a willingness to step outside their comfort zones and into someone else’s shoes.