Underlying Philosophy

Just as I wear a mask to protect you, and you wear a mask to protect me, remember that the decisions you make impact others’ children, and the decisions others make will impact your children.”

Last Updated August 7, 2020. This reflects our best thinking up to this point and we are constantly working on it. Updates will be shared here and via newsletter.

Reopening CAIS Mission

As our school community navigates the complexities associated with COVID-19, CAIS remains committed to an educational program that is anchored in

  • The essential elements of our school’s MissionCore Values, and Strategic Vision
  • Best practices in managing health risks for our students, workforce, and families
  • Realistic and sustainable expectations of our faculty
  • Partnership with our CAIS families as they strive to balance school, work, and family life 

Our Guiding Principles

  • We start from an abundance of caution and will proceed with a commitment to systematic reassessment and adjustments to our approaches—both to risk management and student learning—based on information we actively seek from authorities and our community stakeholders.
  • Children belong in school, with their health and safety being the top priority.
  • We will prioritize on-campus time for our youngest learners.
  • Decisions about curriculum will reflect the greatest needs for our students during this global health crisis.
  • Health and hygiene decisions and plans will be based on guidance from public health and government authorities.
  • Successful risk management for everyone in our extended community will depend on a partnership between families and school, and we must rely on families to understand and adhere to the school’s guidance and procedures.
  • This is a global crisis: patience, flexibility, and perspective will be required by all community members.

Authorities That Will Guide Our Planning and Decision Making

(From specific to general):

Questions? Contact Pandemic Response Coordinator