Reopening CAIS

Just as I wear a mask to protect you, and you wear a mask to protect me, remember that the decisions you make impact others’ children, and the decisions others make will impact your children.”

Last Updated June 26, 2020. This reflects our best thinking up to this point and we are constantly working on it. Updates will be shared here and via newsletter.

For details on the specifics of our plans to Reopen CAIS for school year 2020-2021, please visit the following:


Underlying Philosophy
(COVID-19 Response Mission, 
Guiding Principles
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Risk Management Planning


 Learning & Teaching 



“Hot News” Items

Hiring a Dedicated School Nurse

CAIS is hiring a nurse to assist with our efforts to manage school community health and wellness across our three campuses. During the 2020-21 school year, a primary responsibility for this position will be working with the CAIS leadership team to reduce risk while reopening on-campus learning. The CAIS school nurse will be located in the existing health office in the Hickory Lobby. In keeping with our macro-cohorting plan (see the section on Distancing) Elena Vlad and Gail Kay will be moving their office to the French American/IHS side of the Oak Campus and working exclusively with French American/IHS

An Important Milestone Before School Opening 

As Head of School Jeff Bissell has stated publicly on several occasions, we intend to begin on campus learning as scheduled on Wednesday, August 26 if we are permitted to do so by local and state officials. By now we all know that there is broad consensus among public health officials that a person who is both symptom-free and exposure free from COVID-19 for 14 days is at very low risk for infecting others. With this important information in mind, we are asking all families to exercise vigilance in following CDC’s personal prevention strategies (including distancing, face covering, and hand washing) throughout the summer vacation and in particular for the 14-day period beginning Tuesday, August 11. Additionally, for those community members traveling this summer, the CDC has guidance on travel both in the United States (which is now the global center of COVID-19 infections) and internationally, including Guidance on Returning from International Travel. All CAIS employees are required to follow CDC guidance on summer travel. Thank you for honoring this important responsibility we all share to help keep our community safe and healthy.