Statement Task Force 2016-2017

In May 2016, CAIS put out a call to the community seeking volunteers for a task force to create CAIS’s statement on identity and inclusion, which evolved through the year-long process to become a statement on “Fulfilling the CAIS Mission through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”

While the process included touchpoints for all parents, trustees, teachers, and staff, special thanks go to the Task Force members in particular for their dedicated involvement in this vital work.

Sherilyn Adams (Parent) 
Jeff Bissell (Staff)
Kevin Chang (Staff)
Kobi Conaway (Parent)
Anna Donnelly (Staff, Parent)
Ya-Ching Hsu-Kelkis (Staff)
Kim Kwok (Trustee, Parent)
Ben Lui (Parent)
Lawrence Mendenhall (Parent)
Jamila Nightingale (Parent)
Britta Pells (Staff, Parent)
Mary Powell (Trustee, Parent)
Sara Roberts (Trustee, Parent)
Adam Ross (Staff)
Shannon Selerowski (Staff)
Lucy Sui (Staff)
Dina To (Parent)
Christopher Tom (Parent)
Jerry Trotter (Parent)
Linda Vann-Adibe (Staff, Parent)