Reimagining Immersion

Reimagining ImmersionLong Term Goal: CAIS students achieve Chinese proficiency levels that enable them to engage with confidence in interesting and meaningful classroom projects and in real-life situations, while simultaneously developing competencies that extend far beyond language learning.

Key Strategy: We will leverage time, staffing, and impactful pedagogy to achieve greater student engagement and proficiency in Chinese.

Key Strategy: We will focus on innovative approaches to immersion aimed at intentionally cultivating cognitive, character, and intercultural competencies—this is the “CAIS Immersion Bonus.”

长期目标: 中美的学生能有信心地参与学习项目、达到现实生活所需要的中文水平,并同时发展出超越语言范围的技能。


主要策略: 我们会使用创新方法来实践中美的沉浸式教学,并全心培育学生的认知、品格和跨文化的能力-这就是“中美沉浸式教学的额外收获”。

Fourth Grade Coding Class