Reimagining Our Culture of Learning

Reimagining Our Culture of LearningLong Term Goal: CAIS fosters a culture of learning characterized by curiosity, agency, perseverance, and joy.  Our culture supports the development of each student’s skills, abilities, and learning dispositions, so that they are able to adapt and thrive in a world that continuously presents new challenges and opportunities.

Key Strategy: We will support our students in building the skills they need to be prepared for the evolving challenges of school, work, and life.  These skills include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Key Strategy: We will emphasize connections between learning, purpose, and meaning.

长期目标: 中美的学习文化是以好奇、动机、毅力和乐趣为基础。我们协助每个学生发展自身的学习能力与积极的学习态度,使他们能适应这个多变的世界并充分发展自我。

主要策略:我们会协助学生发展他们所需要的能力,来应对在学校、工作、和生活上的挑战。 这些能力包括批判思考、创造以及合作、沟通的能力。


Fourth Grade Coding Class