What Our Parents Say

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Preschool and Fifth Grade - Liyun and Bryant Preschool and First Grade - Tirhas and Fitsum Preschool - Rachel and David
Preschool - Billy and Charlie Kindergarten - Yardley and Jason Kindergarten - Steven and Daniel
Kindergarten - Trisha and Benny Kindergarten and Second Grade - Eleanor and Andrew First Grade - Jack
Kindergarten - Aaron and Denelle Third Grade - Denise and Allen First Grade and Fifth Grade - Karen and Ben
First Grade - Cathy and Brian Third Grade | Seventh Grade | Alumnus - Karine and Tanguy Eighth Grade - Chris and Rosalia

Liyun and Bryant, parents of Sydney (5th grade) and Madison (Preschool 4)

Preschool and Fifth Grade - Liyun and Bryant

The teachers at CAIS are marvelous. Our kids have developed their bilingual abilities. It is remarkable to see how much our daughter in 5th grade has learned in her time at CAIS. While in the space of one year in Pre-K, our son has grown from not knowing any Mandarin to singing songs and using phrases. Our experience at CAIS has been rewarding and our kids development has reinforced how proud we are to be a part of CAIS’s learning community. 

Tirhas and Fitsum, parents of Lillian (1st grade) and Mussie (Preschool)

Preschool and First Grade - Tirhas and Fitsum

Our second child Mussie started Preschool this year at CAIS and already has built so much confidence and responsibility. He enjoys school every day and looks up to his teachers. We are very happy for our child that he is well looked after in school and learns a lot of things progressing every day. Our daughter Lilian is happy and speaks highly of her teachers. We have found the teachers and staff approachable and extremely helpful if and when we have needed to speak to them. We thank CAIS and the wonderful community for this fab input into our children. We are very pleased with our children’s progress and comfortable with the community especially at this time of the pandemic.The amazing teachers  and staff are putting so much work to build a safe and comfortable community for our children. Thank you!“ 

Rachel and David, parents of Lena (Preschool 4)

Preschool - Rachel and David

We weren’t sure how our just barely 3 year-old would transition to CAIS, but so far she seems to be thriving in her new environment. She is always excited to go to school and in high spirits when we pick her up. We can tell she is really enjoying her days at school. At home she is constantly singing the new songs she’s learned in her Chinese class and talking about the children and teachers.  CAIS makes it so easy for new families to assimilate and feel welcome and supported. With frequent play dates, parent meet-ups, FSA meetings, school events to attend, and a buddy family to reach out to, you quickly begin to feel a part of a community. The opportunity to join a community like this was one of the reasons we wanted to come to CAIS.”

Billy and Charlie, parents of Ellie (Preschool 4)

Preschool - Billy and Charlie

It’s hard to believe it has only been a year since we joined the CAIS family! We have fully realized the benefits of immersion education and have watched our daughter Ellie grow into a happy, confident preschooler. Ellie looks forward to school each day and comes home excited to share what she has learned. As parents, we have also had the opportunity to participate in school activities and meet the other families. It’s been an incredible community to be a part of and we look forward to continuing our involvement.

Yardley and Jason, parents of Tyler (Kindergarten) 

Kindergarten - Yardley and Jason

As we went through the application process, we got closer to joining the community that we always wanted.  The process was thorough and seamless and we got to know the teachers, faculty, and parents.  We were excited about not only the curriculum, but also the culture and diversity that we wanted for our son.  The school’s core values matched very closely to our own.  This was unique to CAIS and therefore the only school we applied to. This is why we are so honored and happy to be part of the CAIS family for life!”

Steven and Daniel, parents of Ilana and Isaac (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten - Steven and Daniel

Our twins started in P3 and are now in K. Each of them have blossomed with the support of the CAIS staff and the strong parent community. Their language skills in both Mandarin and English have been accelerating every year, but what is also so noticeable is their emotional and social development. We love seeing them happy and growing at CAIS.”

Trisha and Benny, parents of Caleb (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten - Trisha and Benny

Our experience at CAIS has been more than we ever expected. We knew the teachers were excellent before we started in PreK-4, but now as a kindergartener we still love how nurturing, patient, and loving they are. The excellence in the staff has exceeded our expectations especially during the last 8 months dealing with COVID. Even before the last 8 months, we were loving the community at CAIS. Our son loves his teachers, both Chinese speaking and English speaking, both in class and distance learning. It’s not been easy for anyone, but I can’t even imagine not having our CAIS community.”

Aaron and Denelle, parents of Sebastian (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten - Aaron and Denelle

To put it lightly, choosing and applying for schools for my son was an emotional rollercoaster. There are so many great options available in the city and we toured many of them which honestly was an overwhelming experience. However, of all the tours we attended, I felt the admissions events at CAIS were by far the most purposeful and informative. It provided me with best insight into the mission statement, the curriculum, the culture, and the community. After having multiple opportunities to speak with current staff, faculty and parents we were confident that the CAIS community was the best fit for our family. For us, with two young children, we knew the school we chose would be intertwined with our family for the long term. So, of course, when we were waitlisted twice at CAIS it was utterly heartbreaking for us. However, we stayed positive, maintained persistence, and kept the faith that we made the best decision choosing CAIS for our family. A few days later, when we received word that an opening became available, we were overjoyed and immediately accepted. As parents, we love the many opportunities for parent involvement in the classroom and in the CAIS community. We have no doubts that joining CAIS has enriched our family and has been the best decision for us.”

Eleanor and Andrew Chen, parents of Chloe (2nd) and Charlotte (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten and Second Grade - Eleanor and Andrew

What we have loved the most about CAIS is that the teachers have created an environment where our children feel a sense of belonging and can confidently grow and learn both in English and Chinese.  We have been so impressed with our teachers’ dedication and experience and that they don’t only teach academics, but they also teach and exemplify values that we resonate with as a family - inclusion, empathy, curiosity.”

Denise and Allen, parents of Noah (3rd grade)

First Grade - Denise and Allen

Our experience at CAIS has been wonderful. We found the teachers to be nurturing, kind and caring - and still effective at teaching in both languages. Our child says that he really likes that the older children are always looking out for the younger ones on the playground, which we believe really says something about the inherent values of the families at CAIS. He loves to read with his older book-buddies and has built great friendships in the classroom as well. Our child has thrived at CAIS and we are so thankful to be part of the community!” 

Jack, parent of Eiden and Jaiden (1st grade)

First Grade - Jack

“As a gay dad, my experience at CAIS has been warm and welcoming. The CAIS community, both faculty and parents, embraced my family with open arms. I wanted a school that can create a safe environment for us and feel confident that issues like bullying are dealt with effectively. I feel lucky to have chosen CAIS.”

Karen & Ben, parents of Gigi (5th grade) and Declan (1st grade)

First Grade and Fifth Grade - Karen and Ben

Our children love going to CAIS and have maintained their love of learning, and there’s nothing more important than that.”

Cathy and Brian, parents of Sophie (1st grade)

First Grade - Cathy and Brian

“I have felt an open arms experience to the CAIS community, school, and staff - I’m fortunate to be part of this school!  Preschool has some of the most loving, caring, and creative teachers & leaders and the curriculum has given my child all the tools to be ready for K and beyond.”

Karine and Tanguy, parents of Arthur (Alum ’19), Cleo (7th grade), and Margaux (3rd grade)

Third Grade | Seventh Grade | Alumnus - Karine and Tanguy

Our experience at CAIS over the last 10 years has been so rewarding.  We are French and wanted our children to be trilingual.  The school and the teachers have been great, the parents community is amazing and most important, our kids have fond memories and speak Mandarin, on top of English and French!

We made the right choice!” 

Chris and Rosalia, parents of Jin (8th grade)

Eighth Grade - Chris and Rosalia

The education CAIS has provided our child is immeasurable. CAIS teachers and staff have provided our child with a solid foundation that will last a lifetime as he continues on his educational journey. CAIS has played a big part in our son’s love of learning, building curiosity and recognizing the importance of being an active member of your school community.  We are always grateful to the dedicated CAIS teachers and staff who are invested in working with parents to ensure the success of their students.”

Preschool Playground