Annual Fund Volunteer Leadership

Annual Fund Co-Chairs 2017-2018

Annual Fund volunteers play a critical role in CAIS fundraising. Co-chairs and class captains help the school realize its philanthropic goals to fulfill its mission. These dedicated parents lead and encourage the families in their grades to join them in supporting the faculty and students of CAIS. History has shown that peer to peer fundraising, supported by the advancement professionals, is most effective.

Volunteers (shown left to right) for the 2017-2018 Annual Fund include:

  • Leadership Giving Co-Chair Helene Kocher
  • Leadership Giving Co-Chair Andrew Owen
  • Lower School Chair Christine Wan
  • Middle School Chair Michelle Stauffer
  • ECD Chair Haim Zaltzman
Grade Annual Fund Class Captains
8th Nigel Chanter 
8th Freda Kong 
7th Tanguy Serra
6th José Medeiros
5th Michelle Molfino
4th Soyeba Ahmed
4th Linda Kim 
3rd Mark Fiteny
3rd Michael Madden
2nd Sherilyn Adams
2nd Bryant Jenkins
2nd Ryder Thomas
1st Emmy Hansen
1st Richard Horan 
1st Lei Liao
Kindergarten Betsy Kiehn
Kindergarten Jennifer Leong
Kindergarten Darren Schulte
Pre-K Renee Fong
Pre-K Rob Howe and Linda Harrison Howe
Pre-K Sally Lee
Pre-K Hanna Wang 
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