Athletics 课外体育活动

After school athletics offer students many opportunities to have fun, improve fitness, learn skills and teamwork and enrich friendships. Team sports are an integral part of the school experience, mentally, physically and socially. After school athletics is offered to fifth through eighth grade students and all participants are placed on a team regardless of previous experience or ability. Minimum requirements for participation are a great attitude, a willingness to work hard and the desire to improve one’s performance for the good of the team. The athletic department believes the joy of participating in athletics occurs from the moment a student puts on his or her uniform to the last high five, and is not based entirely on the final score.

CAIS competes in the SFAL league—comprised of independent schools around San Francisco—in cross country, volleyball, basketball and futsal. In recent years, CAIS has earned championship status in all the after school athletics it has participated in from cross country to volleyball, basketball, and futsal.

Firedragons Cross Country