Closing Meeting

February 23, 2017

“How do you get your students to speak Chinese in Chinese class” asks an English teacher, launching us into a conversation about motivating projects involving design thinking, what it means for the language of play to be different than the instructional language, and how well the Chingshin students monitor their group discussions and remind their peers to speak English. In our closing meeting, the teachers are all at once envious of our class sizes and in awe that our teachers work with two groups of students each day in the lower school. Cristina and Kaicy share the rationale behind the lessons they demonstrated and the teachers give wholehearted compliments and share what they will be implementing after observing our teachers. We leave the meeting with handshakes, hugs and exchanged business cards. We walk out the gate as a team commenting how never in our collectively well-traveled lives have we had such complete access to a school in another country, such a wide range of lessons to observe, and such open, honest dialogue. This kind of experience is not one that can be purchased from a travel agent. We walk away feeling gratitude to our colleagues at Chingshin, who put together a carefully planned itinerary answering all of our key questions, who overfed us, who—like a visit to your parents’ house—anticipated our needs before we knew that we had them.