First 24 hours in Taipei!

February 20, 2017

The CAIS crew had a wonderful first day visiting our new friends at Chingshin! In the morning, we had the opportunity to learn about the school’s curriculum and program and get a tour of the school, visiting the health education area (which included models of street crosswalk, elevators, and even a mini-apartment so students could practice putting their skills to use), an open-air flexible music space, a rooftop walking path through an edible garden (reserved for the 9th graders who experience the most pressure for HS exams, as a calming space), and the open learning area (another flexible space where teachers set up various centers for students to reinforce, apply, or preview skills in their classroom curriculum), where we were able to watch and participate in a 2nd grade class.  Some great conversations arose about how a school’s space reflects and impacts learning, and we were eager to pick the brains of the Chingshin faculty and admin. We had the opportunity to do this over lunch, and judging by the spirited conversations around the table, we are in for a wonderful week of learning ahead. CAIS and Chingshin faculty certainly hit it off, and we had much to talk about!

After observing two more classes and wrapping up our day at Chingshin, a battle of will with jetlag set in for many of us.  But we decided to fight through and do what all good Taiwanese tourists do— eat at Din Tai Fung! Our Taiwanese experts, Chichi and Teresa, ordered us quite a spread, replete with noodles, dumplings, dessert buns and more. I think it is safe to say the experience lived up to the reputation, and we were all ready for a good night’s sleep.  Walking around Taipei 101 at night with the lighted trees and people strolling about, we were certainly charmed by Taipei, and it’s only been 24 hours!