Wednesday Adventures - Soaked

February 22, 2017

Our Wednesday in Taipei began with a very special treat, thanks to Theresa and ChiChi.  We skipped the hotel offerings and set out to experience a genuine Taiwanese breakfast that featured sweet soy milk, turnip cakes, various delicious treats and something best described as a Taiwanese version of a churro.  The deep fryer was doing double duty today!

We had a short day of observations before the noon bell, and we divided into various smaller groups.  One high minded group, headed by Ena, made our way to the Palace Museum to view a fraction of their amazing collection drawn from the breadth of Chinese history, art and culture.  Perhaps as an antidote to all this refined experience, the younger members of this sub group headed out to another night market for treats and shopping.  I think they just couldn’t get enough stinky fermented tofu.

The senior member of this sub group was feeling his age, and ended up in his hotel room watching a raucous debate on television.  Judging by this experience, democracy is alive and well in Taiwan.  And loud.

While the aforementioned group was soaking up centuries of culture, another group was simply soaking—in the literal sense.  We expect that their day at the hot spring left them peaceful and serene.

One experience we ALL shared was getting soaked by our first torrential downpour!