CAIS 201 Parent Ed Series

CAIS 201 December 2018 Presenters

CAIS 201 - Expertise À La Carte

Tuesday, December 11 from 6:00-8:00 p.m.
150 Oak Street

CAIS Parents are invited for a conference-style CAIS 201 offering a menu of topics curated to match CAIS experts with parents’ information needs in the areas of well-being, immersion, and teaching and learning. Browse the presentation descriptions that follow and then select your preferences for each session on the RSVP form link below.


  Well-Being Track Immersion Track Teaching and Learning Track
Session 1
6:00-6:45 p.m.
Managing Stress International Programs Developmental Writing
Session 2
7:00-7:45 p.m.
Managing Stress International Programs From Old School
to New School


Noticing and Managing Stress in Our Children and Ourselves

Did you know that many people experience an increase in stress, anxiety and depression around the holidays? Do you wonder how to manage all the competing demands on your time while you still meet the needs of your children? Have you wondered about how our fast paced world impacts our children? Do you wonder about the balance between healthy and unhealthy stress? In this workshop you will learn about some of the different ways that stress can show up in our children and ourselves and discuss a range of different strategies for managing these.

Presented in Sessions 1 and 2 by Lower School Director Mary Antón, Ed.D. and Counselor Molly McCobb

I3: Immersion and Innovation in International Programs

Come learn about how CAIS deepens and broadens student learning through educational experiences in China and Taiwan. Explore how the 5th Grade Taiwan Exchange, 7th Grade Guilin Academy, and 8th Grade Yunnan Adventure employ project-based language learning, tackle DEI, teach community engagement, and build 21st century skills.

Presented in Sessions 1 and 2 by International Learning Coordinator Emma Loizeaux and Second Grade Chinese Teacher ChiChi Su

Developmental Writing: A Parent’s Guide to Understanding the Composition and Convention Work of Emergent Writers

Parents often first notice spelling, grammar, or convention errors found in young children’s writing, which can distract from the powerful compositional work a child is taking on. In this session we will demystify the developmental learning behind those errors, explore when to be concerned and when it’s perfectly normal, and highlight how to identify strengths in your child’s writing despite those misspelled words. By looking at actual samples of student writing and viewing them in light of learning progressions and CAIS assessment tools, parents will get a glimpse of how educators view and support emergent writing.

Presented in Session 1 by English Curriculum Director Cristina Calcagno

From Old School to New School: An Overview of Current Best Practices in Literacy Education, and an Explanation of What’s Changed (for the Better!)

Many parents note how much school has changed since they were kids. It is natural to draw on one’s own school experiences when trying to support children, but so much has changed in the recent educational landscape! In this session, we will address some of the “old school” methods that many of us adults experienced and explain the research-supported “new school” approaches utilized at CAIS. If you’re wondering what has happened to writing prompts, spelling tests, sentence diagramming, red pen teacher-edits, and whole class novel-based curricula, come and learn about the current thinking and best practices that have replaced them.

Presented in Session 2 by English Curriculum Director Cristina Calcagno


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