FSA Participation in SF Chinese New Year Parade 2017

CAIS FSA Marched in SF CNY Parade 2017

Message from Co-Chair Rose Valencia-Tow

Thank you to all our CAIS participants who marched and danced their way through the streets of downtown San Francisco celebrating the Year of the Rooster. We thank you for your enthusiasm and community spirit! We wouldn’t be able to do it without your energy and support.

Big thanks to CAIS parents Connie Chieng and our very own FSA Co-Chair Heather Madden who volunteered their artistic and creative talents to create our attention grabbing Roosters. They were a beautiful and colorful sight along the parade route AND a huge hit with parade goers! But wait, Connie’s talents don’t stop there…she also made the chick costumes and helped choreograph a short routine for our marchers. Thanks Connie!

And finally, to those of you who came out to show your support, we heard and saw you throughout the parade route and in the bleachers! Thank you for supporting our school and community efforts. See you next year everyone!

Check out photos of our marching unit in the galleries below. 

FSA Co-Chair Rose Valencia-Tow Interviewed by KPOPSee KPOP-TV coverage of the parade, including an interview with FSA Co-Chair Rose Valencia-Tow (special thanks to CAIS parent Tim Foster for sharing the link)!

See video footage of our “chicks” HERE and the entire marching unit HERE.

CAIS Student Art