SPEAK Events for Parent Education

CAIS is a member of Speakers for Parent Educators and Knowledge (SPEAK), a coalition of San Francisco K-8 schools that have joined together to enhance parent education. The group’s goal is to enrich the education and learning experience of our families, our children and our communities.  

SPEAK Presentation from March 24, 2021

Screens During COVID-19:
A Balanced Approach to Kids’ Technology Use

Additional Resources

1) Relevant articles, reports, and write-ups about Screen Time and mental health for parents who like to read and learn more:

2) Family Wellness Guide: Science-based advice on how to keep your family digitally healthy

3) Parents can ask Michael a question through his “Ask the Mediatrician“ mechanism

4) Two recent blog posts by Dr. Ramo related to teens (note, not younger kids) and screen time:

5) Center for Humane Technology

6) The Family Online Safety Institute: Tips on how to talk with children about online safety, how to set rules for screen time, etc.

7) Wait Until 8th: Resource to help you launch a pledge in your community to wait until 8th grade to give your child a smartphone

8) Common Sense Media: Age recommendations for movies / games / books

9) Child Mind InstituteResource for children’s mental health information for teachers and parents

10) The Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix: Documentary that explores the dangerous human impact of social networking



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