Middle School 1:1 Device Program

Students cheer for 1:1 iPad Program for Middle SchoolSixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at CAIS are required to bring an iPad with them daily to school. The iPad program builds upon the technology already on campus, which includes laptop carts and projection systems in all classrooms.

Incoming sixth grade students are required to provide their own iPad. Students may bring an iPad they already have (iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Mini, and iPad Air models are acceptable) or buy a new iPad. Rising seventh and eighth grade students will continue to use the same iPads as this year.

1:1 iPad Program Overview

How to Get an iPad

You have several options to acquire an iPad.

1. Bring an iPad you already have. iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Mini, and iPad Air models are acceptable. The original iPad 1 is not acceptable.

2. Buy an iPad. There are several ways to buy an iPad:

iPads range in price from $249 for a refurbished 16GB iPad 2 to $829 for an iPad Air with cellular service and 128GB of memory. Unfortunately, there are no discounts available through CAIS.

iPad Purchasing Recommendations

Our minimum recommendation is an iPad 2, WiFi-only, with 16GB of storage. Other features you may consider include:

  • The high-resolution Retina display of the iPad 3, 4, iPad Mini 2/3, and iPad Air may make reading easier.
  • The 4G/LTE models provide convenient access “anytime, anywhere”—but beyond the higher upfront price this comes at approximately an additional $25 a month for the service. In addition, please note that students who have cellular data will be able to bypass our web content filters on campus (by switching from CAIS Wifi to cellular). Therefore we recommend that you either purchase a wifi-only device or disable cellular service on your child’s iPad.

Financial Aid

Families with tuition assistance are eligible for a discount based on the percentage of tuition grant awarded. For example, a family who pays 40% regular tuition will have 60% of the cost of a new, base model iPad deducted from their tuition bill. You may buy any model you like, but reimbursement is based on the cost of a new, base model (16 GB WiFi only) iPad Air. (We estimate that cost including AppleCare+ extended warranty, tax and a protective case to be $700.)

Cases and Accessories

We highly recommend purchasing a protective cover/case for the iPad. Make sure it covers both the front and back of the device. We do not recommend the Apple Smart Cover for students.

Here are recommended cases:

Keyboard Options:

Cases With Keyboard:

Optional Accessories:

  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • Headphones with a microphone (such as iPhone headset)
  • Stylus

iTunes Account

If you or your student do not already have one, you will need to establish an iTunes account to install apps on your new iPad. You may choose to set up an existing family iTunes account on the student iPad (which would allow your student to access any apps you have purchased on your other devices) or create a new account for your student. If you need to create a new account, begin by downloading iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com.

The iTunes Store gives you the ability to set allowances to manage your child’s spending. You may also want to turn off In-App purchasing on the iPad.

Purchasing Apps

All student iPads will be set up on a family iTunes account. Families will be asked to create an iTunes account or use an existing account. Students will be responsible for syncing, updating, installing required apps, and downloading required texts. If the school decides to buy a particular app, we will buy licenses for the app through the Apple Volume Purchase Program and distribute redemption codes to students.


iPads are very portable and fairly sturdy if they are properly cared for.

  1. Keep it in its case for protection.
  2. Avoid carrying it in a backpack in such a way that objects press against the glass screen, even through the case.
  3. Do not leave the iPad unattended. iPads must be locked in a student’s locker whenever the student is not in class (including during recess, break and lunchtime).

The iPad’s battery should last all day long. It is the student’s responsibility to charge it overnight so that he or she has access to it in class.

Repair and Insurance

The CAIS IT Department will provide help desk support to troubleshoot problems. However, since the iPads will not be owned by the school, students/families will be responsible for replacements, repairs, making Genius Bar appointments, and taking the iPad to the Apple store for service. Families may choose to purchase AppleCare+ through Apple or purchase third party insurance. (Please note that AppleCare+ extended warranty is only available directly through Apple and can only be purchased within 30 days of the iPad purchase.) CAIS strongly recommends purchasing an extended AppleCare+ warranty.

Behavior and Acceptable Uses

Use of your iPad is subject to the terms of the Middle School Information Technology and Internet Use Student Contract.

Students may use their iPads in class only when expressly permitted by their teacher. Student use of the iPad must not be disruptive and must be related to the class. Teachers have the right to ask students not to use the iPad for any reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updating the iPad

Who is responsible for updating the iPad?

  • Students will be responsible for syncing, updating, installing required apps, and downloading required texts.

Will students be educated about the concept of in-app purchase?

Insurance Coverage

How can I insure my student’s iPad?

  • Families may choose to purchase AppleCare+ through Apple or purchase third party insurance. CAIS strongly recommends purchasing an extended AppleCare+ warranty.

Charging the iPad

How often should my child charge his/her iPad?

  • Students should charge their iPads every night.

But what if the iPad still has a partly charged battery?

  • We still advise that students charge their iPads nightly, even if the battery isn’t fully run down by the end of the day. In order to ensure that the iPad always has enough charge to get through the day, each and every day, it is far easier for middle schoolers to get in the habit of charging it every night than to try to remember to charge their iPads on an ad hoc basis.

Is it bad for the iPad battery to charge it before it’s fully discharged?

  • No; this will not decrease battery life.

Useful Documents