Faculty & Staff Directory

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Eric Case

Kindergarten Blue/Purple Cohorts Lead English Teacher

Location: 150 Oak Street

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Renee Chang

Kindergarten Blue/Purple Chinese Teaching Associate

Location: 150 Oak Street

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Emily Chen

Preschool Yellow Cohort Teaching Associate

Location: 42/52 Waller Street

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Hsiao-Ying Chen

1st Grade Pink/Orange Cohorts Lead Chinese Teacher

Location: 150 Oak Street

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YingJung (Ena) Chen

Chinese Language Support

Location: 150 Oak Street

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Tina Cheng

Advancement Assistant
B.A. in Environmental Science, University of California, Berkeley

Work Phone: (415) 861-0566
Location: 44 Page Street

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Cindy Chiang

Chinese Program Director
M.A. in TESOL, San Jose State University
B.A. in English Language and Literature, National Chung Hsing University

Location: 150 Oak Street

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Julie Y. Chu

Preschool Floating Teaching Associate

Location: Alice A. Carnes Center, 42/52 Waller Street

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Constance Clark

2nd - 5th Grade English Language Support

Work Phone: (415) 865-6069
Location: 150 Oak Street