Faculty & Staff Directory

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Susan Sun


Location: 44 Page Street

Manfang Tang's picture

Manfang Tang

3rd Grade Red/Gold Chinese Teaching Associate
Beijing Institute of Education
Beijing Foreign Language School

Location: 150 Oak Street

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Cheryl Teng

2nd/3rd Grade Chinese Teaching Associate

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Agnes Tong

Auxiliary Program Assistant Coordinator

Work Phone: 415-865-6018
Location: 150 Oak and 42/52 Waller Street

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Carrie Tong

Pre-K Gold/Red English Teaching Associate

Location: Alice A. Carnes Center, 42/52 Waller Street

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Erica Tuan

Pre-K Gold/Red Chinese Teacher

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Linda Vann-Adibe

Director of Admissions

Work Phone: (415) 865-6085
Location: 150 Oak Street

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Elena Vlad

Health Aide

Work Phone: (415) 865-6003
Location: 150 Oak Street

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Na (Nyah) Wang

4th Grade Gold/Red Lead Chinese Teacher

Location: 150 Oak Street

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Ying Wang

2nd Grade Red/Gold Chinese Teaching Associate

Location: 150 Oak Street