Extended Day Programs

We offer a wide range of auxiliary services that support students outside regular school hours, including complimentary morning care before school, after school athletics, and fee-based activities after the school day ends such as after school enrichment classes, extended day, study hall, vacation care, and a China inbound program during the summer as well as Chinese immersion summer camps. 

The Auxiliary Program is well utilized by CAIS families. During most school years, 100% of CAIS students participate in some aspect of the program.

Extended day runs daily from 7:30 a.m. until school starts and again from dismissal until 6:00 p.m. for children of all grade levels. The program includes a study hall portion for homework for fourth through eighth grade students. 

Vacation and conference care is offered during many school vacations, including February and spring break and during parent teacher conferences.

Comprised of two three-week sessions, the summer program at CAIS consists of a Chinese immersion summer camp that is open to CAIS students as well as students from outside the CAIS community.

After school enrichment classes vary and always include age appropriate activities offered in both English and Chinese that appeal to a broad group of children. Classes typically meet 12 times per semester; October through January and February through May. See our Fall and Spring Enrichment Catalogs in the sidebar to the left for more information.