Annual Fund 19-20 Potluck Pacesetters

Annual Fund Soars Thanks to Our Generous CommunityRecognizing that innovation is expensive, the following donors have gone above and beyond by giving even more to the Annual Fund 2019-2020 than last year.  

Nicole Achacoso and Patrick O’Boyle
Sherilyn Adams and Elaine Teoh
Dominic Ang and Pauline Au
Jeffrey Anhalt and Dana Ellsworth
Emily Applegate
Jimena Avila
Brandon Bastunas and Stephanie Warren-Bastunas
LeeAnn and Jeff Bissell
Justin Brickell and Carol Chen
Daniel Burkhardt and Kathleen Liu
Paige Butler
Patrick Cannon and Lillian Biallosterski
Damian Canny and Connie Manahan
Jim Castillo and Lisa Wu
Steven Chan and Lorna Rose
Renee Chang
Kevin Chang
Mark and Gina Chang
Wen Chang
Andrew and Eleanor Chen
The Chiang Family
Allen and Denise Ching
Terance Chow and Justine Lin
Julie Yip-Lai Chu
Connie Clark
David Clausen and Heather Pelant
Lin Chan and Gustavo Corral
Suji De Silva and Dan Chen
Hilary and Alda Dennis
Dawn Dzedzy and Michael Webb
Daniel Fettinger
Sarah Firestein
Eric and Melanyann Garvin
Eric and Christine Grand
Domingo Guerra and Yvonne Chiu
Gary Halpin and Doris Naik
Erik and Emmy Hansen
Matt Hargett and Geoff Huang
Nancy and H. Hibbs Hawke
Matthew and Jaime Hersh
Tung Ho and Denise Yee
Marcel Howard
Michael Huang and Jane Guan
Steven Huang and Daniel Risman-Jones
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li
Zhijia Jiang and Suki Zhang
Wayne Jin and Minji Wong
Anne and John Katzenmeyer
Kimberly and Alex Kaz
Brian Keller and Leslie Wan
Lorin and Heidi Kobashigawa-Bates
Paul and Helene Kocher
Jusung and Celine Kwok
Lai Collins Family
Wendy Lai and Von Seetharaman
The Lee-Loh Family
Karen Lee and Benjamin Wright
Sally and Raymond Lee
Jennifer Leong and John Wang
Cathy Lin and Brian Cardanha
The Lockwood Miller Family
Lombard-Peng Family
Ben Lui and Karen Lai
Fredrick Lui and Emily Kwan
Sandy Ma and Philip Leung
Eric and Jacalyn Mah
James Masuoka and May Ng
Didem and Brady McCollum
Timothy McCormick and Dr. Vivian Ting
Ryan McDonald and Adrienne Sum
Gavin McLaughlin and Emily Fan
Seda Meral
Rakesh Michael and Fleurise Montecillo
Jason Mickelson
Brian Milman and Stella Ling
Dina and Michael Morell
Suyi Tseng and Eric Nakakura
Joseph and Harriet Ortega
David Papandrew and Pamela Chan
German and Marcela Patarroyo
Timothy Reitz
Sara Roberts and Joerg Schumann
Zach Saul and Lucy Ngai-Saul
Darren Schulte and Stefani Wedl
Michael Sgroi and Yuka Tomita
Michael Shankman and Kenly Lambie Shankman
Ben Shen and Jean Qin Zhu
Cory Smith and Jamila Nightingale
Michael Smith and Annie Liu
Window Snyder and Willem Pinckaers
Roger and Tiffany Sohn
Ma and Jennifer Somsouk
Mark Strahs and Hanna Wang
Hsiao-Chi Su
Yunny Tai and Ian O’Donnell
Cheuk Hung Tam and Wynne Kwee
Susan Tang and Jing Zhang
Chris Tow and Rosalia Valencia-Tow
Tan Truong and Cathleen Li
Steven Verhaverbeke and Soyeba Ahmed
Chris and Michelle Verplaetse
Elena Vlad
Eugene and Ying Wang
Shirley Wang and Ethan Cai
Stephanie M. Wei
Julia Weil ’97 and Bertil Weil
Su Huang and John Wen
The Werres Family
Nia Womack Freeman
Alice Woodman-Russell
Junyi Wu
Jane Yan
Kirk and Terri Yin
Simon and Caroline Yip
Hin Fung Yu and Carrie Tong
Haim Zaltzman and Jennifer Lai

Annual Fund 2019-2020