Annual Fund Loyalty Club

The following donors have shown steadfast support for CAIS with annual fund gifts in each of the past five school years (from 2013-2014 through 2017-2018). 

Anonymous (2)
Alberti Family
Jeffrey Anhalt and Dana Ellsworth
Eric Anschutz and Jennifer Toton
Yat-Pang and Helina Au
Lisa and Chris Babel
Brandon Bastunas and Stephanie Warren-Bastunas
John and Dori Beer
Peter Belden and April Chou
Chip and Juliet Bergh
LeeAnn and Jeff Bissell
John and Kitty Borkholder
Daniel Burkhardt and Kathleen Liu
Brendan and Kimberly Burns
Ian Burns and Judith Sim
Matthew Carlson and Minou Le-Carlson
Mike Chan and Cynthia Huie
Kevin Chang
Michael and Alicia Chang
Steven K. Chang and Julie S. Mak
Wen Chang
Nigel Chanter and Lai Cheung
Ena Chen
James and Sandy Chen
Pamela Chen
Sharon Chen and Doug Cameron
Xiaoqing Chen
Christine and Kevin Chessen
The Chiang Family
Avery Chin
Daina Chiu and Kevin Wong
Helena Chiu and Randy Condon
Sung and Lei Choi
The Chou-Green Family
Ernest Chow and Gwen Hinze
William and Maile Choy
James Chu and Andrea Sim
Julie Yip-Lai Chu
Dao Chung and Hanh Nguyen
Ariana Chung-Han and Edward Han
Connie Clark
Will Clemens
Kobi Conaway and Andrew Owen
Doug and Erin Cummings
Douglas and Danielle Darling
Suji De Silva and Dan Chen
DeLoche Family
Oliver Demuth and Vanna Shir
John and Heather Dennis
Vedat and Sibel Deviren
Michele Douglass
Dawn Dzedzy and Michael Webb
Robert Edmonds and Vivian Lee
Joey English and My-Nghi Lo
James Ferguson and Christine Wan
Mark and Amanda Fiteny
Kuok Peng Fong and Jenny Zeng
Robert Fong and Shirley Tse
Roger and Renee Fong
Timothy and Mira Foster
Patrick and Cristina Frazier
Lawrence Fung and Lilian Li
Ramona Fung
Ying Fung and Kenneth Lee
Erin and Jeetu Ganju
Xiu Geng
Marcel Gesell and Sandy Lam
Mark Gibson and Jane Yao
Thomas Gieselmann
Mark and Stacee Gillelen
Wolde and Mzeweini Haileselassie
Gary Halpin and Doris Naik
Chanh Hang and TingTing Fu
Craig and Kyoko Harmer
Steven and Leslie Harris
Emily He and Michael Bauer
Uma Higuchi
Robert Ho and Nancy Lee
Jonathan Howe and Alison Huang
Peter Hsia and Judy Waitz
John and Nancy Hsieh
Chi-Yuan Hsu and Sandra Young
Ya-Ching Hsu-Kelkis
Howard Huang and Angela Lowe
Gregory Iboshi and Emily Huang-Iboshi
August Jaenicke and Lan Sun
Mark and Rose Jen
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li
Alice and Chris Jensen
Susan Kennedy
Alan Khoo and Betty Szeto
James and Linda Kim
Paul and Helene Kocher
Margot Kong and Todd Edwards
Raghu and Nisha Krishnaiah
Harold Kwan and Freda Kong
Ken and Ida Kwan
Richard and Fiona Kwee
The Kwok Family
Kim and Kevin Kwok
Lai Collins Family
Wendy Lai and Von Seetharaman
Ronald Lau and Karen Chau
Darren and Valerie Lee
Karen Lee and Ben Wright
Sally and Raymond Lee
William W. Lee and Family
Joachim Li and Anita Sil
William Lim and Qiuwen Shen
Yang and Julie Lim
Annie Lin
James Lin and Keri Huang
Jiaqin Lin
Denise Lo and Matthew Miller
Michelle and Vincent Lo
Wayne Lok and Cynthia Lo
Gilman Louie and Amy Chan
Fredrick Lui and Emily Kwan
Joe Lui and Mary Martinez
Chloe and Jeremy Lukins
Khanh-Long Ly and Hue-Thanh Tran
Michael A. Lynch and Lilian Kim Lynch
Yao Ma and Connie Chieng
Aaron MacLeitch
Michael and Heather Madden
Szu Ching Tu Mao
Glenn Mar and Julie Minoff
Patricia and Ronald Martell
Mark Matsuno and Angela Chu-Matsuno
Evan Matteo and Rachel Matteo-Boehm
Elaine McCann
Timothy McCormick and Dr. Vivian Ting
José Medeiros and Andrea Sweet
John and Sherry Mitchell
Molfino Family
Dina and Michael Morell
Winifred (Winnie) Mu
Emily Mui
Eric Nakakura and Suyi Tseng
Benjamin and Stacey Ng
Jonathan and Tao Nordlicht
Anna Ong
Karin Orsic and Greg Davis
Lisa Ostapinski
The Pan-Chandran Family
David Papandrew and Pamela Chan
Jung Park and Elaine Chow
German and Marcela Patarroyo
Britta Pells and Kyle Johnson
Linda Pfatteicher and Greg Wilson
Mary Powell and Adam Messinger
Peter Ragone and Janine O’Neill
Kimberly Reid
Stephanie Reynaga and Thomas Knudsen
Sara Roberts and Joerg Schumann
Tim Ryan and Sumi Das Ryan
Martin and Vivian Sanchez
Karine and Tanguy Serra
Ben Shen and Jean Qin Zhu
Elaine and Timothy Shen
Jamie and Marcus Shen
William Shen and Nina Maruyama
Shiau/Wang Family
Angela Shiu and Christopher Lewis
Jing-Tyng Shyu
Christopher Simmons and Amelie Wen
Ian Simmons and Marta O’Shea
Cory Smith and Jamila Nightingale
Michael Smith and Annie Liu
Craig Smollin and Jean Yuan
Roger and Tiffany Sohn
Christian Sonntag and Can Cui
Brad and Michelle Stauffer
Christopher Stewart and Shelley Wu
Bradley and Lisa Sugarman
Xiaohong Sui
Yunny Tai and Ian O’Donnell
Chusheng Tang Liao
Susan Tang and Jing Zhang
Eric and Brooke Tao
Franco Tarm and Janice Minamoto
Bliss Temple and John Asheim
Joseph and Dina To
Elyssa Tong ‘10 and Nicholas Tong ‘16
Ali Tore and Meghan Carozza
Jerry and Heneliaka Trotter
Damon and Anne Valentino
Robbie and Linda Vann-Adibé
Steven Verhaverbeke and Soyeba Ahmed
Chris and Michelle Verplaetse
Elena Vlad
Jean-Pierre and Jennifer Voortman
Nathan and Vera Waller
Justin Wang and Candice Moy
Michael and Lisa Wang
Na Wang
Ying Wang
Stephanie Wei
Matthew Werdegar and Monique Schaulis
Kerri Willa
Pamela E. Winthrop
Edwin R. Wong
Eric and Jane Wong
Henry and Elaine Wong
Paul Wong and Julie Huh
Terry Wong and Amy Chiu
Edwin and Ellen Woo
Jack Wu and Audrey Schweizer
Charles and Megan Wyman
Paul and Mai Mai Wythes
Ping Xue
Steve and Yanmei Yang
Jennifer Yeh and Nils Gilman
Kirk and Terri Yin
Simon Yoo and Sumiyo Sakaguchi
Hin Fung Yu and Carrie Tong
Simon Zhang and Jessica Salcedo
Rachel Zheng ‘14 and Matthew Zheng ‘12

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