Annual Fund 18-19 Potluck Pacesetters

Annual Fund Soars Thanks to Our Generous CommunityRecognizing that innovation is expensive, the following donors have gone above and beyond by giving even more to the Annual Fund 2018-2019 than last year.  

Sherilyn Adams and Elaine Teoh
Dominic Ang and Pauline Au
Yat-Pang and Helina Au
Eric Anschutz and Jennifer Toton
Stephen Bajc and Lina Li
Angus and Margaret Barnett
Brandon Bastunas and Stephanie Warren-Bastunas
James Bell and Rayleen Hsu
Jonathan and Melissa Bodway
Timothy Bradley and Anna Popovici
Justin Brickell and Carol Chen
Andrea and Michael Brook
Daniel Burkhardt and Kathleen Liu
Jim Castillo and Lisa Wu
Mike Chan and Cynthia Huie
The Pan-Chandran Family
Michael and Alicia Chang
Mark and Gina Chang
Tina L. Cheng
Allen and Denise Ching
Sung and Lei Choi
David Chou and Ayse Cinaroglu
Marvin Chow and JiYoung Park
Terance Chow and Justine Lin
William and Maile Choy
Jack Crow
Gina D’Emilio
Sibel and Vedat Deviren
Benjamin Ellis and Youjeong Kim
The Foley Family
Timothy and Mira Foster
William Frymann and Sharon Lai
Lawrence Fung and Lilian Li
Erin and Jeetu Ganju
Mark and Stacee Gillelen
Jennifer Yeh and Nils Gilman
Wolde and Mzeweini Haileselassie
Erik and Emmy Hansen
Craig and Kyoko Harmer
Nancy and H. Hibbs Hawke
Sally Hong
John and Nancy Hsieh
Sandra Young and Chi Hsu
Xiu Qing Silvia Huang
August Jaenicke and Lan Sun
Sophia Jang
Zhijia Jiang and Suki Zhang
Brian Keller and Leslie Wan
Susan Kennedy
Brian and Tracy Keyser
Jorge Klor de Alva and Fabiana Toledo
Celine and Jusung Kwok
Albert Lam and Alice Wu
Jennifer Leong and John Wang
Angela Shiu and Christopher Lewis
Jason Lewis Family
Lei Liao and Rui Chen
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li
James Lin and Keri Huang
Angela Kuo and Bill Ling
Juqi Liu and Hengheng Chen
Timothy Lu and Sandy Wang
Ben Lui and Karen Lai
George Martinac
James Masuoka and May Ng
Evan Matteo and Rachel Matteo-Boehm
Ryan McDonald and Adrienne Sum
Gavin McLaughlin and Emily Fan
Seda Meral
Andrew Miller and Eleanor Hsu
Brian Milman and Stella Ling
The Molfino Family
Dina and Michael Morell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mueller
Ben and Stacey Ng
Yoav Yaari and Tal Niv
Joseph and Harriet Ortega
Kobi Conaway and Andrew Owen
Jung Park and Elaine Chow
German and Marcela Patarroyo
Britta Pells and Kyle Johnson
Ee Lin Chew and Seng Hwee Phang
Timothy Reitz
Tim Ryan and Sumi Das Ryan
Darren Schulte and Stefani Wedl
Sara Roberts and Joerg Schumann
Paul Su and Joyce Jiang
Xiaohong Sui
Sean Sullivan and Chloe Kweon
José Medeiros and Andrea Sweet
Teresa Tan-Vial and Frank Vial
Manfang Tang
Franco Tarm and Janice Minamoto
Sean Thomas and Sara Pasquinelli
Christopher and Joyce Tom
Ali Tore and Meghan Carozza
Jerry and Heneliaka Trotter
Steven Verhaverbeke and Soyeba Ahmed
Chris and Michelle Verplaetse
Jean-Pierre and Jennifer Voortman
Rafal Waligora and Amy Yim
Aric and Nina Wang
Eugene and Ying Wang
Jennifer DeLoche Ward and Steve Ward
Julia Weil ‘97 and Bertil Weil
Ana Echaniz and Ben Wen
The Werres Family
Eric and Samantha Westien
Mike Wey and Jenny Su
Joseph Williamson
Jason Wong and Yi Chiang
Alice Woodman-Russell
Jane Yan
Yanmei L. Yang
Zachary Yu
Simon Yoo and Sumiyo Sakaguchi
Rudy Tan and Cindy Yu
Joshua Zachariah and Elizabeth Sprague
Haim Zaltzman and Jennifer Lai
Susan Tang and Jing Zhang
Chi Zhang 

Annual Fund 2018-2019