ShowCAIS 2021 Volunteer Leadership

Co-Chairs Denyse Clancy Langdoc, Jane Choi, and Ron Yu are joined by a corps of class representatives, as well as the sponsorship committee, comprised of Bettina Glenning, John Katzenmeyer, Velma Mayeda, José Medeiros, and Haim Zaltzman, and Party Sign Up Chair Stefani Wedl.

Grade ShowCAIS Class Representatives
8th Christine Wan
7th Karine Serra
6th Wendy Peters
5th Lilian Lynch
4th Joyce Tom
3rd Deborah Chang
2nd Jennifer Chan
2nd Eleanor Chen
1st Tasce Bongiovanni
1st Zack Bongiovanni
Kindergarten Irene Sung
Preschool Janice Chiodo
Preschool Molly Tang



CAIS Student Art