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Board of Trustees
Ernest Chow and Gwen Hinze
Roger Evans and Aey Phanachet
Paul and Helene Kocher

Chip and Juliet Bergh
Jonathan Howe and Alison Huang
Mary Powell and Adam Messinger

Kobi Conaway and Andrew Owen
Keith and Metta Krach
Jon and Velma Mayeda
Scott Miller and Laura Lockwood
Molfino Family
Dina and Michael Morell
Sean Thomas and Sara Pasquinelli

Sherilyn Adams and Elaine Teoh
LeeAnn and Jeff Bissell
Michael and Alicia Chang
Robert Edmonds and Vivian Lee
Darren and Valerie Lee
Lei Liao and Rui Chen
José Medeiros and Andrea Sweet

Brendan and Kimberly Burns
Christine and Kevin Chessen
Will Clemens
Michael Huang and Jane Guan
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li
Srikanth Jujare and Nisha Yan
Tom and Betsy Kiehn
Patricia and Ronald Martell
Philippe Phuong and Lisa Lee
Jack Shih and Kevin Leong
Ian Simmons and Marta O’Shea
Steven Verhaverbeke and Soyeba Ahmed
Matthew Werdegar and Monique Schaulis
Eric and Samantha Westien
Dennis Wong and Endora Hsia
Charles and Megan Wyman

Lisa and Chris Babel (3)
LeeAnn and Jeff Bissell
Joanna Chang
Sung and Lei Choi
Ariana Chung-Han and Edward Han
Terance Chow and Justine Lin
Oliver Demuth and Vanna Shir
Robert Fong and Shirley Tse
Lawrence Fung and Lilian Li
Ying Fung and Kenneth Lee (2)
Spencer ‘19 and Mackenzie ‘20 Gibson
Erik and Emmy Hansen (2)
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li (2)
Karen Lee and Ben Wright
Ben Lui and Karen Lai (2)
Stella Parker ‘20 and Olivia Gardner ‘22
Darren Schulte and Stefani Wedl (2)
Michael Sgroi and Yuka Tomita
William Shen and Nina Maruyama
Sean Thomas and Sara Pasquinelli (2)

Annual Fund Balloon Arches