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ShowCAIS 2022 Sponsors

2022 中美募款晚会赞助商
ShowCAIS 2022

Thanks to these members of the CAIS community, ShowCAIS sponsorships are already off to an amazing start! Join them in sponsoring ShowCAIS. Please reach out to Pam Winthrop in the Advancement Office with any questions.  

Platinum sponsors ($25,000)

CAIS Board of Trustees
Roger Evans and Aey Phanachet 
Paul and Helene Kocher

Gold sponsors ($10,000)

Josephine Chan and Erick Tai
Ernest Chow and Gwen Hinze
Foley Family
The Lockwood Miller Family
Mary Powell and Adam Messinger

Silver sponsors ($5,000)

Anonymous (2)
Jonathan Howe and Alison Huang
John and Denyse Langdoc
Daniel Burkhardt and Kathleen Liu
Jon and Velma Mayeda
Dina and Michael Morell
Sean Sullivan and Chloe Kweon
Christopher and Joyce Tom
Haim Zaltzman and Jennifer Lai

Teacher sponsors ($3,000)

Sherilyn Adams and Elaine Teoh
Yat-Pang and Helina Au
Jeff Bissell
Zack and Tasce Bongiovanni
Cary Carpenter and Serena Jia Han
Austin and Angie Chang
William M. Clemens
Matt Hargett and Geoff Huang
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li
Anne and John Katzenmeyer
Jennifer Leong and John Wang
Timothy McCormick
Jimmy and Justine Nguyen
Remy Mediratta Fanclub
Sara Roberts and Joerg Schumann
Darren Schulte and Stefani Wedl
Karine and Tanguy Serra
Vivian Ting, MD
James and Grace Wong
Jon Xu and Jane Ly
Brandon Yoder and Catherine Sanger 

Bronze sponsors ($2,000)

Dominic and Pauline Ang
Darrin Chang and Irene Sung
Deborah and Daniel Chang
Robert Edmonds and Vivian Lee
Eric and Melanyann Garvin
Matthew Giang and Jacquelyn Coo
Emily He and Michael Bauer
Connie Lin and Patrick Fleisch
Elizabeth Loh and Barron Lee
Ben Lui and Karen Lai
Viet Nguyen and Monica Louie
Evan Tana and Kyna Fong
Matthew Werdegar and Monique Schaulis 

Jade sponsors ($1,000)

Kevin Brandstetter and Katherine Yung
Douglas Cameron and Sharon Chen
Matthew Campbell and Marsha Jong
Joanna Chang
David Chou and Ayse Cinaroglu
Michael and Agnes Chow
Jeffrey Chu and In Jung Yang
Scott Dickie and Janet Lee
Nam Doan-Huy and Wendy Peters
Tony Dorie and Charlene Chen
Cat Foo and Aaron Bastian
Domingo Guerra and Yvonne Chiu
Erik and Emmy Hansen
George and Eileen Horng
Michael Huang and Jane Guan
Sam Huynh and Nicki Vong
Billy Hwan and Charlie O’Leary
Brian Ito and Kris Lin
Wayne Jin and Minji Wong
Pete Kazanjy and Tracy Moeller
Jane and Chelsea Landolin
Mike Lee and U-Wen Kok
Andrew Lieberman and Lily Lin
Didem and Brady McCollum
Arjun Mukherjee and Sowmya Shantharam
Philippe Phuong and Lisa Lee
Hok Pui and Sally Yu Leung
Sean Rhea and Lucy Almers
Chang She and Bingbing Feng
Carol Ruth Silver
Steven Tamm and Susan Kimberlin
Rudy Tan and Cindy Yu
Min Yaw Thian and Laura Hong
Shelley Tsang and Brandon Chen
Steven Verhaverbeke and Soyeba Ahmed
Jon and Diana Yang
Tien-An Yang

Phoenix Firedragon sponsors ($350)

Brandon Arnold and Lynda Lam
Jeff Bissell
Michael Chang and Catherine Mar (2)
Andrew and Eleanor Chen
MuXing Chen and Jingni Zhao
Terance Chow and Justine Lin
Aaron Dence and Jason Menayan
Conan and Winny Fong
Marc and Jessica Galens
Emily Han and Alexey Rivkin
Aaron Langston and Denelle Lum
Bryant Jenkins and Liyun Li
Zhijia Jiang and Suki Zhang
Pete Kazanjy and Tracy Moeller
David and Eleanor Lu
Anand Mandapati and Sophie Chou (5)
Aili ’23 and Ziyan ’21 Miller
Joseph and Harriet Ortega (2)
Daniel Prince and Dorothy Lo
Stephanie Reynaga and Thomas Knudsen
Michael Sgroi and Yuka Tomita
Jack Shih
Steven and Samantha Shows
Cheuk Hung Tam and Wynne Kwee
Sharon Wang and Peter Shiau
Eric and Samantha Westien
Joshua Wills and Lisa Lin
Dwight Zhou and Christina Lu