High School Interview Workshop

October 13, 2015

Students learn about interview skills from Ellen WilliamsonEighth graders learned about high school interviews from guest speaker Ellen Willamson, an admissions director with more than 25 years of experience who has interviewed thousands of applicants. Mrs. Willamson stressed the importance of confidence in a high school interview. Her suggestions to convey confidence included the all-important eye contact, a firm hand shake, positive body language, and speaking about life experiences with humble pride. She noted that ANY interaction with a member of the high school community — throughout the whole interview and shadow process — is a chance to impress. 

According to CAIS High School Placement Counselor Kaicy MacLeod, students shared that one the most beneficial parts of the presentation was the list of common interview questions. She notes that the best way for the students to prepare to answer interview questions and to talk about themselves is to practice frequently. Ms. MacLeod also encouraged parents to continue working with their children to identify accomplishments and speak about them with humility. 

The presentation by Mrs. Williamson was a preparatory step for the Mock Interview process which takes place over the next few weeks. All eighth graders participate in the mock interview process gaining skills to help them self-advocate in high school. 

Parents with questions are encouraged to reach out to Ms. MacLeod at k_macleod@cais.org.