Room with a View

October 29, 2015

Mrs. Sherman's students are studying a red-tailed hawk that's become a neighborArdent birder Susan Sherman is making great use of her new perch in the Bauer/He Eureka! Science Laboratory atop the 888 Campus’s north building. She has introduced her 7th and 8th grade science students to a new neighbor, a red-tailed hawk whose migratory movements have alit upon the roof of the apartment building across Turk Street from the middle school.

South facing view from the 888 Campus north building's 3rd floorCAIS parents Michael Bauer and Emily He stopped by campus today to get a glimpse of the laboratory they named as part of the Becoming Our Best Self Campaign for CAIS. Mrs. Sherman graciously gave a tour of the lab and explained how she’s incorporating not only the exciting equipment and flexible furnishings of the space, but even using the magnificent view in her lessons. Students have been fascinated to learn about the habits of the hawk, including its daily diet of one pigeon and its territorial squabbles with local crows worried about their young ones.