Crazy About Coding at CAIS

December 11, 2015

"Hour of Code" peppered throughout the week at CAISTaking part in the annual Hour of Code, all Kindergarten through eighth grade CAIS students completed self-paced, 1-hour tutorials that introduced them to basic programming skills. Core concepts include: pattern recognition, problem solving, spatial visualization, sequencing, loops, conditionals, and how to debug programs.

Different grades used different tutorials including:
  • Kindergarteners used a 100% visual interface to control cute and silly characters called Foos. Students coded their way through exciting puzzle adventures using cartoon cops, builders and ninjas.
  • Second and third graders used blocks of code to take Minecraft’s Steve and Alex on an adventure through a Minecraft world. 
  • Fifth graders learned the basics of a traditional programming language, Python, as they defeated ogres, solved mazes, and leveled up in the game Code Combat.
  • Third, fourth and fifth graders, who have been developing computational thinking skills this year in coding class, expanded their understanding by experimenting with new programming languages and tools. 

A password protected gallery of images (community password will be shared in CAIS Notices) from the week is available at the CAIS SmugMug site.