Seventh Graders Flexing Creative Muscles

December 07, 2015

Seventh grades created book covers in The Phanachet Design LabSeventh & Eighth Grade English Teacher John Gray and Phanachet Design Lab Director Jason Mickelson have collaborated on two projects with the seventh grade students, both on display in The Carroll Family Learning Center this month. In the first project, the students designed their own book covers for classic books they had read over the summer. More recently, the students worked on Viking artifacts related to Norse mythology and historical details touched upon in their reading of Nancy Farmer’s Sea of Trolls.

The students enjoyed the time in the Design Lab. Lila C. called it “an opportunity to display both your research skills and artistic creativity.” Io G. was grateful for the “pre-introduction to the Design Lab” as seventh graders won’t begin their regularly scheduled Design class until next semester. Mia S. said it was the most fun she’d ever had. Come see their work in The Carroll Family Learning Center!