SF Zoo Visits CAIS Art Classes

December 04, 2015

Observing Lola the OwlArt teacher Ms. Ostapinski brings subjects to life…literally…for her students. This month, she invited the San Francisco Zoo to bring animal guests to her art classes. SF Zoo’s Carissa Rowley introduced second graders to an opossum, a turtle named Ralph and a Western screech owl named Lola. Ms. Rowley shared details about each animal and answered students’ questions about everything from what they eat to how the zoo keeps them safe.

Then it was Ralph and Lola’s turn to serve as living models for the students’ work on drawing. Children gathered close to the owl and the turtle; as second grader Maya W. said, “I’ve never been this close to an owl before!” From this great vantage point, all were well poised to employ Ms. Ostapinski’s “Look, draw, look, draw” technique to see and capture details of these fun classroom visitors.