Our Greener Future Begins Now

January 12, 2016

Solar panels powering 150 Oak Campus

This summer NCIS worked with Occidental Power and BBJ Electric to install a solar power grid atop the 150 Oak Campus. Daniel Klingebiel of NCIS is very pleased to share now, “The solar PV array inspections are complete and with PG&E’s consent the system was interconnected with the grid. It is actively producing power now. We can observe the system’s status, output and environmental stats in real time. Will share this as soon as it’s ready.” In addition to approximate cost savings of $2 million estimated over 25 years, the solar grid is estimated to reduce ~5,970 tons of COemissions over 25 years. That’s the environmental equivalent of 19,426,676 miles not driven or 102.3 acres of trees planted, according to Occidental Power. 

Separately, the Oak Street campus also earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification this past summer.

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