Fifth Graders' Fun in Taiwan

March 31, 2016

Fifth Graders Getting a Leg Up in the World

Mr. Morris is chaperoning the Fifth Grade CAIS Ren’ai Taiwan Exchange Trip and shared quotes from student about their adventures with their host families on the first weekend.

“I went on a mini-segway; it was so much fun. Nothing was bad yesterday.” – Dexter

“We went to a hot spring and the fish bit our feet.” – Frankie

“My highlight was eating raw clams and pork covered in fermented rice paste.” – Victoria

“My highlight of the day was playing with a tiger and biking to the park. I didn’t have a lowlight yesterday, not even getting bitten by a tiger.” – Lauren

“My buddy taught me how to ride on a hoverboard in the hallway and we played soccer on the wii at night. We also launched a flying lantern, but that was a long drive from our house.” – Sophia

“My highlight was seeing Elsa at the Night Market and I was excited to get my own room. But I almost fell asleep at dinner time.” – Ally

“The highlight of the weekend was going to Din Tai Fung and I did not have a lowlight.” – Nico

“I was really tired yesterday, but I still had a good day. I played Laser Tag with my friends from class and their buddies.” – Alex 

Host Families
The students also shared how they’ve been getting along with their buddies and host families.

“My buddy is really nice and she is really funny. Her parents are really nice and they also want to show me cool things in Taiwan.” – Michelina

“My buddy and I are really good friends. Her sister is really funny, the dad is okay, and the mom is really nice and thoughtful.” – Marina

“My buddy sleeps a long time, but he is fun to be around.” – Caiden

“My buddy is really nice, but she is shy so she doesn’t really talk much to me yet.” – Natalie

“My buddy is really outgoing. Her family is very nice and they always have something for me to do.” – Chloe

“We’re having fun, but sometimes I don’t know what to say. Her family treats me really well, but sometimes I don’t know what to say.” – Evelyn