Precious Children Working with Precious Metals

March 15, 2016

The following is a reflection by Instructor Mingna Qi on the Jewelry Designers after school class.


我是Dragonfly Design 的老师 Mingna Qi ,从去年3月份开始进入Dragonfly Design 工作马上就快一年了.

刚开始接触学校工作是去年5月份,一开始我还担心自己会不会做不好这个工作,但是慢慢的看着别的同事给孩子上课我就学会了很多….  先试着和他们交朋友,他们是这么的可爱、天真纯洁。每次当我去接他们来一起上课的时候他们就开始好奇的问我:“老师今天我们做什么啊?” 然后就开始自己猜, 直到我公布了答案才会听到他们高兴的声音….真的是好可爱 !有時他们做珠宝没有选自己用的尺寸,然后做完的珠宝都是给自己家人的礼物,发觉他们这么小就这么有爱和懂事,真为他们开心. 在给小班的小朋友上课的时候他们可以认真的听我说制作手工的过程但是由于太小有的时候会做不好手工,我会耐心的和他们一起做他们的手工,有的小朋友先做好了她们会主动帮助别的同学一起完成手工,可以课后带回家让我看到了他们关爱别人的好品质 . 在美术课上不管是大班还是小班的孩子让我看到了他们丰富的色彩搭配和想像力.


I am Dragonfly Design teacher, Mingna Qi. I started this job last year in March. I have been working at Dragonfly Design for almost a year.

In the beginning when  I started working in the school last year in May, I was worried if I could handle this job, but I learned a lot from watching my colleagues teach their students in class. First, I tried to make friends with the kids because they are so cute, innocent, and pure. Each time when I bring them to class, they start asking me, “Teacher, what are we going to do today?” They kept guessing until the moment that I give them the answer, then they felt happy about it. During the jewelry project in class, sometimes they did not choose the correct jewelry size for themselves, then they brought the jewelry to their family as a gift after they made it. I feel happy that the kids at such a small age already know what love is. When I teach the lower grade kids, they can be very focused on the process of how to make crafts. Since they are so young, the result of crafts can not be always perfect. I will be patient and do it with them together. Some kids finish their crafts early and then they will take the initiative to help other students. I can see they have a good habit of taking care of each other. After their crafts are completed, they can take it home with them. In art class, whether in a small or large classes of students, I can see their rich use of color and imagination.

Each time I see their little inquisitive eyes and happy smiles that are so cute and simple, I use my patience and care to slowly grow with them together. I love this job.