CAIS Musicians on Tour

May 17, 2016

Black Pearl Music Ensemble performs in Oakland

Seventh graders in the Black Pearl Music Ensemble had bookend performances around the Bay today. First stop was an assembly at the Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland, followed by their outdoor performance at the Spreckels Temple of Music (bandshell) in the Music Concourse at Golden Gate Park.

Music and Movement Teacher Susan Kennedy shared that the seventh graders played, “two Zimbabwean-style marimba pieces, ‘Rip’ and ‘Clave,’ a Jazz standard, ‘Perdido,’ another piece from the Orff repertory, ‘Street Song,’ the North Skelton Sword Dance, and a Chinese drum piece, ‘Tumbling Walnuts.’”

Black Pearl Music Ensemble performs at Golden Gate Park

Black Pearl Music Ensemble performed the North Skelton Sword Dance