"Messy Art" Molds Minds Well

May 20, 2016

Pre-K Messy Art Day

This week saw the annual “Messy Art Day” bloom in full color at ECD. Started by art teacher Lisa Ostapinski, the tradition is a full-bodied celebration of artistic expression and sensory experience.

Ms. Ostapinski explains, “Children at this age learn with their senses and they learn through social interaction. They learn with their whole bodies. It is very important to engage all their senses in learning as well as to engage large motor movement and to be outside. These kinds of activities facilitate open ended, kinesthetic exploration with materials and collaborative/social interaction and exploration. They also support learning about color theory, the physical properties of materials, gravity, weight (as in the catapult and launching trucks down the slide), and chemical interactions (clay and water, the vinegar and baking soda in the volcano, etc.).”

Many thanks to the ECD parents, from packing extra clothes to washing down each paint-covered child, it took the whole ECD village to make the day a success. Interim ECD Director Melissa Lee shared, “One of the children asked me this morning if we could have Messy Art Day every day!” 

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