In Praise of Parent Volunteers

May 12, 2016

Christine Chessen named Philip Butler Smith Volunteer of the Year 2016

Head of School Jeff Bissell invited all parent volunteers to an Appreciation Breakfast at the 888 Campus in their honor Thursday, May 12. As he explained to the attendees, “When I first came to this school from China, I thought it was for the language piece. But the reason I continue to stay is because of the community piece.”

In addition to lauding parents for their community spirit and impressive support of CAIS programs and people, he highlighted the contributions of two parents especially, Katie Morris and Christine Chessen.

Outgoing FSA Co-Chair Katie Morris has served for the past two years, extending her talents and affection to the entire CAIS community by leading our FSA, which has evolved into a focused, positive organization responsible for some of our community’s most iconic traditions and rituals throughout the year. On behalf of the FSA, Jeff Bissell presented Katie with a token of appreciation and led the crowd in a round of applause for her tireless dedication and thoughtful leadership.

Jeff Bissell also presented the annual Philip Butler Smith Award to Christine Chessen, a current CAIS middle school parent and parent of two alumni, Samantha ’13 and Oliver ’15. When Mr. Bissell started at CAIS in 2010, he was told that Christine was an “uber-volunteer” and she has proven that assessment correct year after year. From volunteering for Admissions to her years as Annual Fund Co-Chair (including a memorable “Ice Bucket Challenge” presentation to exhort peers), Christine has set a shining example for parents of the many ways to make a difference at CAIS.

Heartfelt thanks to outgoing FSA Co-Chair Katie Morris

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