Graduation 2016

June 15, 2016

Class of 2016

Alumna Elyssa Tong ’10 served as CAIS Graduation 2016 emcee and guided eighth graders, fifth graders, and their families through this milestone moment. The ceremony was full of beautiful grace notes, including retiring Chinese language teacher Jiun Chou Young’s wit and wisdom and performances by the fifth grade class, as well as group and solo musical performances by Elliot C., Malachi C., Corbin G., Nicholas G., Hannah G., Anna I., Elaine J., Megan L., Griffon S., Nicholas T., and Alyssa Y. Seventh grade Lion Dancers gave the traditional CAIS closing to the occasion.

Enjoy a gallery of Graduation 2016 photos as well as photos of the Graduation Dinner (including a resplendent feast and decor courtesy of parents) from the night before, when Katy Woo ’12 officially welcomed eighth graders into the alumni ranks.