CAIS After School Class Bridging the Generations

September 27, 2016

CAIS Bridge Class Bridging GenerationsCAIS Bridge Class instructor Deborah Drysdale writes, “The class is going terrifically this year, thanks to the participation of parents and grandparents, teachers, AND, of course, students. We have two tables of Handz players, an intermediate and an advanced table! Snacks are healthy (yay, Mary!) and outside, good for running off some steam and coming back inside to focus on a couple of handz. 

Upcoming ACBL tournaments relevant to CAIS’s intermediate/advanced players: 
  • Saturday, Oct. 15: Non-life Master Sectional in Mountain View, 10:00am and 2:30pm single sessions: 49er/199er/499er stratifications (our kids would all be in the 49er stratification)
  • Sunday, Oct. 16: Bracketed Swiss Teams (two sessions: would have to be a team of 4 and you’d be in the lowest bracket: I could explain if any 4 are interested)
We will arrange coaching sessions for any CAIS kids (or kid/parent pairs!) playing in local tournaments.  
A great website for you to keep checking in on is Silicon Valley Youth Bridge (SiVY) and then sign up for notification of their events. SiVY is a superior Bay Area resource for youth bridge and they welcome us with open arms to their events, pizza parties, etc.”