Middle School Students Bring the Lion Dance to Pre-K

February 10, 2017

6th Grade Lion Dancers Perform for ECD Students

Enjoy this video of the performance from CAIS parent Sandy Chen! 

CAIS’s commitment to Chinese immersion goes deeper than just language. If we truly want our students to “Embrace Chinese,” we recognize that there’s a critical element of cullture that must be present. One example of this cultural expression at CAIS is the Chinese New Year lion dance.  

Each year, as part of the music and movement curriculum, Ms. Kennedy teaches the sixth grade students the lion dance. They participate in every aspect of this ceremonial dance from the lions to the Buddahs to the percussion. Their impressive performance schedule includes the Lunar New Year celebration at the Asian Art Museum, Mass Greeting, the Lower School lion dance, and the Pre-K lion dance.  

This week’s rain delayed—but couldn’t stop—the Pre-K lion dance. On Friday afternoon Pre-K students enjoyed the lion dance in the  MPR, where the lions chased away the bad spirits and brought good luck to the new space. The booming drums and decorative lions made for a memorable performance.  

As a parent I was thrilled that my child got to experience this rich cultural tradition at school (even if his first encounter with the lions was a bit scary). I look forward to knowing that one day he too will get to participate in this rite of passage at CAIS. Outside of our school, I don’t think there are many parents who can say that.