Cheering for Our Champ!

March 01, 2017

8th Grader Lila C Cheered on by Family and Friends AlikeAs winner (and defending champion from 2016) of the CAIS Spelling Bee, eighth grader Lila C. went on to the written round of the regional contest. We were delighted to learn that she has once again made the cut for the Bay Area Spelling Bee written exam (where the 200 school champs were whittled down to the top 50). Lila will be competing in the televised Bay Area oral final on Saturday, March 18, which is broadcast by local CBS station KPIX. (She is also part of the CAIS MATHCOUNTS team advancing to the next stage of competition that same day and had to make the tough choice of which event to participate in that day.) 

KPIX stopped by the 888 Campus on Wednesday morning to film the middle school cheering on their classmate. Ms. Emily Auchincloss, the CAIS Spelling Bee faculty organizer, announced Lila’s great news at a special community meeting and added context to the achievement: “Everyone was saying that it was one of the hardest [written] tests they’ve had.” With her sister Elise (CAIS Pre-K) on her lap, Lila deftly answered a surprise spelling question (“i-n-c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-b-l-e”), discussed her favorite word (“evanescent”), and shared some “pro tips” about how to prepare for the Bee (don’t try to study the dictionary in a brute force manner, focus on word roots and etymologies). Lila’s mom, Sandy, shared with KPIX that Lila’s spelling prowess is powered by her love of reading rather than rote studying.

As you can hear in the cheer, Lila has a whole community of support behind her going into the competition in a few weeks! Best wishes to our champ!