Shout Out for Trout!

April 24, 2017

Releasing the Trout at Lake Merced

In science this spring, students have been participating in the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Trout in the Classroom program, in which rainbow trout were hatched and raised in our classroom.  Students learned about the trout life cycle and their habitat and the importance of conservation. Through this hands-on, interdisciplinary project, students experienced first-hand the value of aquatic environments, the balance that must be met to maintain and preserve California’s fisheries and aquatic habitats, and how their personal actions affect these valuable resources. Third grade students went on a field trip to Lake Merced to release the rainbow trout into their new habitat.

Students recorded their observations about the conditions of the eggs and tank. Examples are shared in the PDF below, including one tongue-in-cheek scientist’s imagined Q&A with the trout:

Q: If my trout could talk, it would say:

A: “Why are people observing me every day?”

Students watched the trout go from egg to fry