Making a Splash

October 25, 2017

Water Play at Pre-K

Taking advantage of San Francisco’s “actual” summer, ECD held Water Play Day this week, which refreshingly coincided with the hot weather! This annual Pre-K activity is one of two marquee days of interactive art on the playground that Ms. Ostapinski organizes (along with Messy Art Day in the spring). The stations included dry ice with water toys, fishing game, play cafe, frozen paint pops, painting/spraying with water on the fence, chalk and water, and car wash.

Ms. Ostapinski shared, “The children were able to freely play and interact with water in all its forms: solid, liquid and gas (the dry ice mist). Through this type of open exploration and play the students learn about the qualities of water, learn through their senses, experiment with cause and effect and build social skills through pretend play.” 

Special thanks to all the parent volunteers who ran the water play stations and loaned or donated materials! 

(Photos courtesy of Art Teacher Lisa Ostapinski)