International Trips Supported by The New Cecilia Chiang International Learning Fund

March 16, 2018

CAIS fifth grade ready for takeoff! Get ready, Taiwan!“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” No, not the holidays…international programs season as fifth graders depart today for their two-week trip to Taiwan, eighth graders prepare for their Yunnan Adventure in April, and seventh graders get ready to travel to Beijing in May. These trips form a beautiful triptych of the CAIS experience, enabling students to engage with Chinese society, cultures, and communities in profound and meaningful ways.

We are excited to send students off on these life changing, world changing journeys and are especially proud to announce the creation of the Cecilia Chiang International Learning Fund that will help support the cost of such hallmark CAIS programs. This year, the Board of Trustees made a strong commitment to access and affordability with the move to Adjusted Tuition, which includes the cost of international trips. Accordingly Cecilia Chiang, a longtime friend of CAIS, is graciously shifting her namesake scholarship away from a merit-based middle school award to a fund that will help the all of our fifth, seventh, and eighth grade students meet the cost of these international learning experiences. 

A luminary in the world of cuisine and the Chinese American community, restaurateur Cecilia Chiang’s life story embodies the CAIS mission to embrace Chinese (she raised the profile of northern Chinese cooking in the US), become your best self (she broke down gender and ethnic barriers as an entrepreneur), and create your place in the world (her world famous restaurant cultivated a heightened appreciation for Chinese cuisine and culture in the US). 

In discussing the fund transition with Ms. Chiang, she shared her excitement and pride that more CAIS students are participating in international trips than ever before. She is pleased to be “helping the kids who need it the most” to embrace Chinese.