Middle School "Mayhem" 2018

August 30, 2018

This year’s Middle School Mayhem (second year running makes it a TRADITION!) featured teachers and their advisory groups in a dance party! We’re going to be smiling (and dance, dance, dancing) for days!

Music and Movement teacher Nia Womack-Freeman shares, “This was truly a collaboration that integrated the arts. Integration ideas can come from anyone in our community. For MS Mayhem the idea was initiated by Cassy Lee, the MS Librarian. We met to discuss how we could use the popular Fortnite dance moves as a community building tool for Middle School advisory. Many of the students already know about these dance moves because of this game.  Companies these days recognize the power of connecting their products to the arts for promotion. In our case we wanted to use it as a tool to promote CAIS school spirit.  What was so wonderful, was how the Middle School teachers were willing to learn set choreography and perform in front of their students. This spirit really speaks to their commitment to the students, arts integration, and joyful learning.”  

MSMayhem_Dance_2018 from CAIS on Vimeo.

Middle School Advisory Groups Dance-Off