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Water Play at Pre-K

Making a Splash

October 25, 2017 Taking advantage of San Francisco’s “actual” summer, ECD held Water Play Day this week, which refreshingly coincided with the hot weather! This annual Pre-K activity is one of two marquee days of interactive art on the playground that Ms. Ostapinski organizes (along with Messy... » read more
Introducing Woodworking to the Pre-K Curriculum

Woodworking in ECD

March 21, 2017 When people think of woodworking in a preschool classroom, their reaction is usually one of surprise, concern, and even horror.  Real tools in the hands of three, four and five year olds?!  In the early childhood community, woodworking is recognized as a highly valuable activity for... » read more
6th Grade Lion Dancers Perform for ECD Students

Middle School Students Bring the Lion Dance to Pre-K

February 10, 2017 Enjoy this video of the performance from CAIS parent Sandy Chen!  CAIS’s commitment to Chinese immersion goes deeper than just language. If we truly want our students to “Embrace Chinese,” we recognize that there’s a critical element of cullture that must be present. One... » read more
Pre-K Messy Art Day

"Messy Art" Molds Minds Well

May 20, 2016 This week saw the annual “Messy Art Day” bloom in full color at ECD. Started by art teacher Lisa Ostapinski, the tradition is a full-bodied celebration of artistic expression and sensory experience. Ms. Ostapinski explains, “Children at this age learn with their senses and... » read more
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