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Auxiliary Program News April 06, 2017

Dear CAIS Families,            

As a way to say “Thank you” for all of your participation in CAIS Auxiliary Programs and to keep you informed on the many wonderful happenings in the program, CAIS parents will receive the Auxiliary Program’s newsletter three times each year: April, August, and November.

With your support and input our program has grown to a total of:

* 100 After School Enrichment classes
* Six private instrument lesson instructors (120 sessions of private 30 minute lessons)
* Mini-Camps offered during breaks (other than legal holidays)
* Extended care participation of an average of 200 students per day (not including after school enrichment attendees)

Keep an eye out for an the After School Enrichment Survey. In an effort to continue this type of growth and participation we would like to find more ways to solicit your input. For all families who have signed their child/children for courses after school, you will be given multiple links to let us know how your child enjoyed the course. We hope that you will take a moment to give us your thoughts.

In the meantime, be sure to take a look at our new calendar of important dates (to the right and below) and know that the entire Auxiliary Team thanks you for entrusting your child’s afterschool programming to CAIS!


Kevin Lee
Director of Auxiliary Programs

  • Spotlight on Auxiliary Program Staff

    Sandy Ma
    Auxiliary Program Coordinator 

    Auxiliary Program Coordinator Sandy MaSandy joined CAIS in November of 2015 after running a small business for over 10 years. She and her husband have been together for over sixteen years and have two small children. She writes, “CAIS is more than a school, it has a very supportive community and staff are treated so well. I am fascinated by the fluency the kids have in Mandarin and the devotion of each program in the school to construct its unique education material. The CAIS community is very supportive and warm and I’m proud to be part of it.”

    My past year working in the Auxiliary Department has been fun and productive. It’s exciting planning and coordinating all the enrichment classes for three campus plus arranging mini-camps for majority of the school holidays. I think we are so lucky to have such a vast array enrichment classes to choose from. I’m more excited to be a CAIS parent starting Fall 2017. My daughter will be an incoming Pre-K student at Alice A. Carnes Center and I look forward to signing her up in our after school enrichment offerings. My second year at CAIS, I feel more confident in my job because I now know all the student’s names and faces in extended care. I’ve even gotten to know some 8th graders and will definitely miss them when they graduate in a few months.”

  • Afterschool Enrichment Program Highlights: Berkeley Chess School

    Berkeley Chess School Instructor Tony Lama Research shows chess helps students in their studies and CAIS is very pleased to include chess in the afterschool program. Auxiliary Program Director Kevin Lee and Coordinator Sandy Ma organize the chess program, which offers a level for beginners and another for intermediate/advanced players. 

    Teaching is provided by The Berkeley Chess School founded by Elizabeth Shaughnessy in 1982. In addition to teaching, this school regularly conducts tournaments. Long-time Berkeley Chess School instructor Tony Lama has become a fixture at CAIS on Friday afternoons where he conducts back-to-back chess classes.  Mr. Lama is a strong player, rated as near Expert level by the US Chess Federation.  In the classes, students learn everything from rules and piece movement to tactics such as pins, forks, skewers, and discovered checks. Be careful if you decide to play a game with your son or daughter who has taken Tony’s class—you may be quickly embarrassed! The Berkeley Chess School shares, “Teaching at CAIS is an enjoyable experience in its comfortable facilities with its pleasant atmosphere, and especially with the supportive staff that are there to help whenever issues arise. One can tell chess at CAIS is a success from the high attendance of students in classes. It has potential to grow in the future.”

  • Afterschool Enrichment Program Highlights: Dragonfly Designs

    Dragonfly Designs IntstructorsABOUT DRAGONFLY DESIGNS: Dragonfly Designs specializes in Art Education, taught in English, Mandarin and Spanish, through after school enrichment programs, birthday parties and camps during school breaks. You may have seen us around campus! We’ve been teaching at CAIS since 2008 when Founder Stacee Gillelen expanded her offerings to include after school enrichment programs in the arts. We currently teach in more than 20 independent schools & offer our programs through various Parks & Recreation Centers as well as host mobile Birthday Parties & Private Events around the SF Bay Area. We believe that art and language work together to provide an expanded world view and foster appreciation for cultural diversity. Just like language, art should also be an engaging, tactile, and rewarding experience that builds skills for future healthy and enabled adults.

    AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT OFFERINGS: We started our afterschool enrichment programs teaching Jewelry Making and to this day it is one of the most popular classes where we teach students how to bead, crimp, use resin, stamp metal, etch copper and handle jewelry making tools. In all of our classes we aim to empower the students with knowledge that will allow them to turn their authentic ideas into something tangible. Our CAIS 2017 After School Enrichment offerings expanded to include many other types of centering arts that benefit kids of all interests, including: 

    Textiles & Fiber Arts Class -You will be amazed at the wide range of projects that your children bring home each week from weaving, to embroidery to sewing to wool felting, Shibori or Batik dying macrame, dying & so much more. This class is available in Mandarin by our artistic experts Sarah and Camilla! 

    Creative Explorers Art Class/ Mandarin Immersion Through Art Class - In these classes students learn how to make art with various types of mediums. From clay to mosaics, candle & soap making, Suminagashi painting & tie dye, the goal is to grow students’ capabilities and artistic sensibilities. Sarah & Camilla teach this class and you’ll love decorating your home with the art your kids bring home! 

    Creative Dance Class/Hip Hop Class - Crystal, one of our certified yoga instructors, gets all of the wiggles out in an expressive way! She encourages natural freeform dancing with exploration of dance genres including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, world and contemporary.

    Organic Gardening Class - This class is taught by another of our amazing yoga instructors, and permaculture expert, Europa. From sprouting seedlings to learning about sun patterns and where food comes from and examining bugs to designing our own planters, this course is designed to teach your little one how fun the natural environment can be. 

    Yoga Class/Meditation & Mindfulness Class - Yoga instructor Europa will be giving students the tools they need to find peace not only in the classroom, but in their everyday lives. We also understand that you can’t just make everyone play the “silent game” and call that mindfulness so with Europa’s expertise and natural poetic inclination we crafted classes that explore deep thought and the body-mind-world connection through engaging games, movement, history and lots of practice!

    Capoeira Class - An Afro-Brazilian martial art, taught by internationally trained instructor Armando, which incorporates dance, music, and acrobatics. The Capoeira program is designed to give youth a healthy and exciting activity to put their energy while fostering skills necessary to become accountable, independent, productive and successful adults. Parents will be invited to watch a performance on the last day of class!

    Music & Voice Class - Our teacher Tohm has over 10 years of professional experience performing in various musical settings while performing all over the world and teaching private music and voice classes. She’s just moved from New York to share her talents with our Dragonfly Designs students and we can’t wait for your students to learn breathing techniques, vocal techniques, vocal expression, ear training and how to be comfortable in front of cameras and captivate an audience!

    Full days in our Jewelry Making, Textiles & Fiber Arts, Language Immersion and Art Exploration camps also include an hour of yoga to encourage mindfulness and movement. Meditative focus is a natural part of craft making which helps build an inclusive and peaceful environment that allows for maximum artistic expression with every new project we work on.

    To see a glimpse of the fun we have in these classes, visit the After School gallery on CAIS SmugMug (password cais150)

  • Important Auxiliary Program Dates Coming Up

    June 19 Start of CAIS Summer Camp: “Playing with Chinese”
    June 23 Fall 2017 Enrichment Catalog will be posted 
    (currently displaying Fall 2016 offerings, which are a handy guide for what will be offered and on which days of the week in fall 2017)
    July 14 Fall 2017 After School Enrichment Registration begins at 7:00am. Click Here To Register. New CAIS families must create accounts in Ultra Camp prior to registration.
    September 22 Mini-Camp Registration begins.
    October 5-6 Mini-Camp (In Service Day)
    October 30 Mini-Camp
    November 3  Mini-Camp
  • Chinese American International School


    Early Childhood Division (Preschool) | Alice A. Carnes Center
    42/52 Waller Street 

    Early Childhood Division (K-1)
    and Lower School (2-5)
    150 Oak Street 

    Middle School (6-8)
    888 Turk Street 

    San Francisco, CA 94102