• Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Auxiliary Program Newsletter - Summer 2017

Dear CAIS Community,

I hope you are having a great summer break with your families. We’re looking forward to having everyone back at school and wanted to share some Auxiliary Program reminders and announcements.

* There are still a few after school enrichment classes open and registration is still open. Enrichment class registration link.

* If your child is signed up for an enrichment class or private lesson that begins later than the end of school, the fee for study hall is waived during that time.

* Extended Care and Study hall begins the first full day of school

Important Auxiliary Program Dates Coming Up


* September 4: Labor Day
* October 5 - 6: In-Service Days
* October 9: Columbus Day/Indigenous People’s Day
* October 30: LS & MS P/T Conference (PD at ECD)
* November 3: LS & MS P/T Conference (PD at ECD)
* November 17: Thanksgiving Luncheon, Early Dismissal
* November 20-24: Thanksgiving Break
* Dec 22-Jan 5: Winter Break


* Monday classes end on December 18
* Tuesday classes end on December 19
* Wednesday classes end on December 20
* Thursday classes end on December 21
* Friday classes end on December 15


October 5 & 6: In-Service Days
Registration Begins: Sep. 11

October 30: Professional Development at ECD| Parent / Teacher Conferences at LS
Registration Begins: Oct. 9

November 3: Professional Development at ECD| Parent / Teacher Conferences at LS
Registration Begins: Oct. 9

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 415-865-6010 or k_lee@cais.org


Kevin Lee
Auxiliary Program Director


  • Summing Up Summer Camp

    Happy Campers!Campus has been crackling with energy this summer as our Chinese Immersion Summer Camp brought together over 300 campers from CAIS and other immersion schools. The weeks were filled with fun challenges and satisfying successes as our campers created their own toys and games from scratch and learned the stories of traditional Chinese games and toys.

    Campers began by learning about traditional Chinese toys and how to play Chinese games such as 五子棋 wuziqi (connect 5 chess), 沙包 Shabao (beanbag game), 扯铃 Cheling (Chinese yoyo), 竹蜻蜓 Zhuqingting(bamboo dragonfly), and 跳橡皮绳 TiaoXiangpisheng (rubber bands rope game). As the campers became better acquainted with a game, instructors guided them through the process of developing their own game with their own rules and strategy. Campers also created their own toys.

    Instructors Nyah Wang and Ena Chen shared their thoughts on the fun in the sun at CAIS this summer:

    “I have been teaching summer camp since I started working at CAIS six years ago. It’s  been a fun and rewarding experience because I get to design the curriculum and create lots of fun activities. Most importantly, I get to see students learning while having fun and watch their Chinese improving every day. I also benefit a lot from teaching summer camp and it has made me a better teacher. I bring what I learned over summer to my classroom during the school year.”

    —Summer Camp Instructor Nyah Wang:

    “In my Maker’s Class, students get plenty of chances to explore different materials and get hands-on experience in making their own Chinese toys. For each type of toy, I would introduce them to different materials with similar functions, or similar materials that can lead to different outcomes. With the same project, each age group would be working on their own age-appropriate challenges, from learning how to use tools to problem solving skills. I love whenever the a-ha moment occurs to the students:
    from “I need help” to “I can do this myself”,
    from “I don’t understand” to “ah, I get it”,
    from “That’s garbage, you can’t make things out of it” to “I think I can use this unwanted piece to make a…”,
    from “what should I use if I want to….?” to “Maybe I am going to try to use …..”.

    I love every moment when I could open their minds to the idea that a fun toy can be made from simple materials and they don’t have to spend money to buy it.”

    —Summer Camp Instructor Ena Chen

    Enjoy a gallery of photos (password: cais150) from CAIS Summer Camp and a video created by Wang Laoshi

  • Spotlight on Auxiliary Program Staff

    Agnes Tong,
    Auxiliary Program Assistant/ECD Auxiliary Coordinator

    Agnes Tong“I can’t believe how fast time flies. I have been part of the CAIS family for one full year. Before joining CAIS, I was a preschool teacher and an assistant director at two different San Francisco schools for over 20 years. I received my early childhood education credential from CCSF and SFSU. My passion is kids. I love seeing how a child develops from crying their first day of school to not wanting to leave school because they are having so much fun. I recently bumped into a student that I taught roughly 17 years ago. He is now a senior at UC Davis and he remembered who I was. What a satisfying experience that was!

    Summer is almost over. I am looking forward to spend some time with my two kids before the new year begins. One thing I am super excited about is that my six-year-old daughter will begin attending CAIS as a first grader this fall. I am so happy that she has the opportunity to attend such a fabulous school. I have promised her that I won’t be hanging around her like the paparazzi.”


  • After School Fall Enrichment Highlights

    Sprouts Cooking

    (ECD, Kindergarten, and 1st-3rd Grades, varying days and times) course description

    It’s going to be a delicious journey from ground to plate! Sprouts’ Chefs will be leading your aspiring chef on a culinary adventure into our own backyards. Your child will do everything hands-on, from prep work and cooking to tasting and sharing their culinary creations with others.

    What’s on the menu? Our culinary adventurers will explore our own backyards to discover the season’s best produce and be inspired by local flavors. We’ll be cooking with​ local farms’ produce to play with the flavors and food culture of where we live and gain confidence to cook for family and friends!

    Throughout all of the recipe tasting and testing, safety will stay our priority; each child will master essential knife safety and cooking technique as well as Sprouts’ kitchen safety guidelines. We focus on simple, delicious and nutritious recipes that allow plenty of room for our aspiring chefs to add their own creative twist! At the end of each class, every child will enjoy the recipe that they made and, if you’re lucky, have some to take home to share! All skill levels welcome!



    (ECD, Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30) course description

    Playball is a unique sports and movement program that highlights the instruction of important life skills using sports as a means to educate.  The Playball program progresses from simple sport introduction to mini sport games running parallel with the school academic year. In our classes the children learn the basic skills associated with 6 different sports including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, tennis & volleyball.  The fundamental skills from these sports are broken down into highly engaging and non-competitive activities.  

    Playball is developmentally appropriate and covers an extensive range of sport related skills such as kicking, throwing, dribbling, catching etc. that are pitched at the correct age level of the child.  Our program is constantly reviewed to ensure the children develop at the right pace, physically, mentally and socially, in a fun, safe and structured environment. 

    Our action-packed lessons are limited to small numbers to ensure maximum learning and are delivered by experienced & professional coaches who are well-trained in the program.

    The lessons have a unique creative component that ensures the children are never bored and love every lesson, week after week. This formula has benefited tens of thousands of children who have themselves achieved competency through Playball’s specialized coaching, and have gone on to apply the fundamental skills they have learned in a variety of sports at school.

    Playball is International

    Playball is being taught in many countries over the last 25 years and is recognized as a unique and invaluable sports coaching program, with tens of thousands of children in the USA, Holland, Switzerland, UK, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Mexico, Doha and Israel benefiting from the many rewards of the Playball program.

    Scientifically and educationally sound curriculum

    The Playball curriculum is a result of years of research and development. The Playball team created the Playball sports program by researching the developmental needs of 2-8 year olds through consultation with sports scientists & psychologists, occupational therapists, teachers & many other child development professionals.


  • Chinese American International School


    Early Childhood Division (Preschool) | Alice A. Carnes Center
    42/52 Waller Street 

    Early Childhood Division (K-1)
    and Lower School (2-5)
    150 Oak Street 

    Middle School (6-8)
    888 Turk Street 

    San Francisco, CA 94102