• Friday, December 14, 2018

Auxiliary Program Newsletter - Winter 2018

Dear CAIS Community,

Happy holidays! I hope you are all looking forward to a nice winter break. Before you head off, I wanted to make sure you have the most up-to-date information about Auxiliary Programs.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 415-865-6010 or k_lee@cais.org


Kevin Lee
Auxiliary Program Director



Enrichment courses run for a much longer period of time next season. Typically, classes met between 12-14 sessions in the fall, while in the Spring, the classes will meet between 14-20 lessons, depending on the day of the lesson. Please note the following for after school enrichment registration:

• Registration will be online and begins onDecember 17, 2018 at 7:00 a.m.
• Most classes begin the week of Monday, January 14, 2019 unless stated in the description.
• In the event that a class meeting is cancelled, classes will be made up after the last official class.
• All cancelled classes result in free extended care for the duration of the intended class.


1) Please look through the course descriptions  and related details carefully.

2) Online registration begins on Monday, December 17, 2018 at 7:00 a.m.

3) Registration will be assigned based upon the online registration time.

Please register at Ultracamp as soon as possible. A minimum of eight students is required for a class to be held. In the past, some classes had to be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment resulting from a lack of timely registration. Also, please be aware that many of our more popular classes fill up quickly.


If you are able to register for a class, your registration is confirmed. If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be notified if your child is admitted to a class.


There will be no refunds or changes once you have registered for a class. 


Students taking enrichment classes will not incur extended day charges for the time prior to the class. However, students who remain in extended day five minutes after the class has concluded will be charged $15 for the remainder of extended day.

Upcoming Holidays and No Class Days:

Jan 21 (M), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Feb 4 - 5 (M-T), Chinese New Year
Feb 15 (F), Mass Greeting (Early Dismissal)
Feb 18 (M), President’s Day
Feb 19-22 (T-F), February BreakMini Camp Available
Mar 1 (F), Conf. & PD for ECD - Mini Camp Available
Mar 8 (F), Conf. & PD for ECD - Mini Camp Available
Mar 14-15 (Th-F), In-Service Days - Mini Camp Available
Apr 8–12 (M-F), Spring Break - Mini Camp Available
May 27 (M), Memorial Day
Jun 13 (Th), Last Day of School (Early Dismissal)


  • Spotlight on Auxiliary Program Staff

    Brandon Conway, Auxiliary Program Staff

    Brandon Conway, Auxiliary Program StaffCAIS has become a second home for me. I started back in 2016 and was excited to expand on my passion for child development. CAIS quickly became the most positive and inspiring work environment I had ever been in; the staff became more than just coworkers.

    After leaving CAIS, I relocated for a brief time to Paradise, CA, where I experienced the recent disaster know as the Camp Fire. I lost everything, which forced me to relocate back to San Francisco. I immediately thought of my CAIS family, who welcomed be back with open arms. Words cannot describe how appreciative I am to have had such a warm and open welcome back to CAIS.

    I am so excited to be able to interact with my students again and bring back the fun, new High Yield Learning Activities that I’ve experienced. Everyone from students, parents, and staff have been nothing but supportive and helpful to me and my family. I am forever grateful for my time here at CAIS and will remember my experiences here forever.


  • New Course for Spring After School Enrichment - SpyKids!

    STEAM fun at SpyKidsSpyKids is STEAM education with the fun of espionage.  Every week, every semester, and every year we present new activities. Parent Dispatch emails go home each week and students’ Training Books are sent at the end of the semester.

    We’ve served many CAIS families over the last 7 years in our popular summer SpyCamps and vacation mini-camps; we’re now in our 4th year of SpyKids serving many SF schools. We engage with ALL learning styles and personalities, telling our Cadets that “everyone is great at something and no one is great at everything. So all we ask is that you try, because you never know what might be your special skill.” Kids will gain experience with drones, electromagnetism, circuitry, sound and vibration, aeronautics, civil engineering, currency craft and math, disguises and skits, codes and team hunts, and all kinds of fun spy gear including video surveillance, walkie-talkies, and sound recording. All STEAM topics are taught under the umbrella of active fun engagement using skits, games, hunts, crafts, labs, lectures, and teamwork.

  • Debate Offering for 4th and 5th Grade Students

    By Sachin Jain, CAIS After School Debate Program 

    CAIS is opening a speech and debate course for 4th and 5th grade students! I addition to running Athens Debate, for the past year I have run a speech and debate program for Middle School students. The CAIS debate program has been tremendously successful. Middle School debate students have been entering high school competitions and winning! Just last month multiple CAIS middle schoolers placed in the Top 10 at a high school debate tournament.

    Introductory Debate Class Beginning with Spring EnrichmentWe are happy to build on this program’s success with an introductory class for 4th and 5th grade students who want to dip their toe into the exciting world of speech and debate. Students will learn foundational concepts related to public speaking, organized argumentation, logic and critical thinking, basic (and fun!) philosophy, and the art of persuasion. All concepts will be taught in a light, fun, and organized manner. This class will serve as a way to jump start your child’s debate education and get them excited for an exciting debate career in middle school. This class is not focused on tournament competition. The goal is simply to create an exciting, fun, and positive learning environment around key debate concepts.

    Debate is a valuable activity for students of all skill levels. Debate teaches useful skills for other academic pursuits and life more generally. Debaters build confidence speaking in public and expressing their ideas eloquently. That comfort speaking in front of others is useful in so many areas of life, from interviews to school presentations to discussions in college seminars. In having to master an issue from both sides, debaters learn to flex their analytical muscles, gain tolerance for competing viewpoints, and understand the intricacies of a world filled with nuance. According to Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education, debate is “uniquely suited” to build skills required of a modern citizen, including critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These skills help students express their thoughts better in their academic work, in the community, at your dinner table, college, and their future careers.

    The College Board revamped the SAT test to focus more on exactly the sorts of skills debate teaches. As the New York Times explained, students taking the new version of the test must write “a critical response to a specific argument” based on analysis rather than personal experience. Debaters are used to responding to unfamiliar arguments in time-sensitive situations; thinking critically about a written passage on the SAT is not so different from responding to an opponent’s argument in a debate round. Studies have found that debaters outscore non-debaters on every section of the ACT. Studies across the country have found that high school debate improves reading ability, grades, school attendance, self-esteem, and interest in school. For those who commit to speech and debate, it offers a lifetime of benefits. Forbes published an article titled “How to Find the Millennials Who Will Lead Your Company,” suggesting that the leaders of the future have a background as debaters. As that article notes, debate teaches “how to persuade, how to present clearly, and how to connect with an audience,” exactly the skills businesses look for in their young employees. You’ll find ex-debaters in every area of public life, from Bruce Springsteen to Oprah Winfrey to Nelson Mandela. 60% of Congressional representatives participated in debate, as well as at least a third of the Supreme Court. There are ex-debaters excelling in business, law, politics, academia, and many other fields.

    Perhaps most important of all, debate is fun! Debate makes learning a game; students build their critical thinking and speaking skills without it ever feeling like work. Throughout the years of practice and competition, debate builds lifelong friendships and community, teaching teamwork as well.


  • Chinese American International School


    Early Childhood Division (Preschool) | Alice A. Carnes Center
    42/52 Waller Street 

    Early Childhood Division (K-1)
    and Lower School (2-5)
    150 Oak Street 

    Middle School (6-8)
    888 Turk Street 

    San Francisco, CA 94102